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Reflect On First Annual SGB Volunteer Day
and Continued Needs in Ukraine

You’ve probably heard the adage, “Never wake a sleeping dog.” Russia has been “waking” Ukraine since 2014 in what’s known as the Russo-Ukrainian War, with its most recent blatant show of force on February 24, 2022. Ukraine, in turn, has prepared for this ­fight to retain its own country using its own defenses. Many civilians have been targeted and are seeking desperately for provisions and a way out of the country to the waiting arms of family lucky enough to have evacuated Ukraine. The military, remaining intent to follow their accessible and transparent leader, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stays faithful to their country, people and way of life— attributes worth defending.

In 2017, well before this latest incursion, Oleg Klovatskiy and his wife Elena, immigrated from Ukraine to the U.S. to “pursue the American Dream,” building a floral business named Dancing Daisy after Elena, a ballet teacher. The pair have one daughter; Much of their extended family have relocated to safer zones in Ukraine.

Dancing Daisy crafts uniquely exquisite floral creations, and many are accompanied by ­fine chocolates. The Klovatskiys enjoy the creativity involved and the smiles received from their loyal customers. Oleg also a commercial REALTOR® with The Signature Real Estate Companies Commercial Division (SREC). He also joined as a member of Signature’s Vendor Affiliate Program (VAN), which introduces local businesses to agents and creates a super-charged network of various industries that assist all those in the real estate arena.

Still, with these supports in place, there’s been an incredible amount of stress for the Klovatskiys, so long as Elena’s father, Alexander, is retained in Kyiv, Ukraine. They’ve been trying diligently to relocate him to the western part of the country—still a dangerous area—but less imminently. They also might try to relocate Elena’s mother to the U.S.A. Younger male relatives in the family are prohibited from leaving the country during wartime, according to Oleg.

Oleg is insistent on “not taking handouts” to help evacuate his father-in-law. So, his creations and real estate prowess are his bread and butter as well as rescue funds.

Says Broker-President of SREC, Ben Schachter, “Oleg is humble, but his floral products rival any others I’ve seen. He’s a proud man and wants to earn people’s trust and business by proving they’ve made the best choice, whether its floral designs or commercial spaces.”

In further support of our local communities, SREC’s philanthropic arm, Signature Gives Back (SGB), organized a companywide closure to allow each of its more than 1,000 agents time and inspiration to provide volunteer hours on March 10, 2022. SGB tabled the originally planned 2020 event due to COVID safety precautions.

This year, SREC dusted o‹ its wings to make good on the promise of 10,000 volunteer hours. During this hugely successful event, Palm Beach County Mayor, Robert Weinroth, recited the Proclamation declaring March 10 as Signature Gives Back Volunteer Day, in Palm Beach County. Says Vice President and Co-Chair of SGB, Wendy Pressner, “We work so hard to make a difference in our communities and ‘be the change we wish to see in this world.”

SGB Executive Vice President and Co-Chair with Pressner, Jack Jaiven, remarked “Everyone’s help counted, that day especially. What’s truly special about SREC agents is that we know and act upon the importance of caring for the communities in which we work and live.”

Schachter wraps up the role of SREC agents in the community: “Our agents are not just “agents,” but change agents for the betterment of South Florida. Teams for Boca Helping Hands, Habitat for Humanity, The Soup Kitchen of Boynton Beach, SOS Children’s Villages, Showering Love, Tri-County Animal Rescue and Community Greening were among the dozen formal volunteer hubs, but each agent had the choice where to volunteer their time. Similarly, floral arrangements from Dancing Daisy are one ongoing way to make a difference for the Klovatskiy family.”

Find your favorite arrangement at If you’re looking for commercial space, call REALTOR® Oleg at 305-781-2807 or email

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