• May 16, 2021


Bringing the Byte Back to Boca

Anyone who believes that those who cannot do teach never met Dr. Todd Albert. He began coding when he was a youngster, and it has been one of his many passions for more than three…


The Restaurant Year in Review: GOOD RIDDANCE, 2020!

New Year’s Eve, 2020: As the world watched the ball drop, we all welcomed the start of a new year — and (hopefully) a whole new era. If there’s one thing we can all agree…


Villa Firenze: Most Expensive U.S. Home To Ever Go To Auction

With a list price large enough to make a billionaire’s eyes water, currently listed at $160 million, one of America’s most expensive homes, Villa Firenze, will go to auction with no reserve and no minimum…

Soflo Locals


Wanting More?

New York Times #1 best selling author Chrissy Teigen has launched Cravings, a website inspired by her eponymous cookbooks, kitchen and tabletop collection, and her desire to share…


John Zells: My Journey With Parkinson’s

To look at handsome John Zells, you’d never be able to imagine what he’s gone through and endured. Until the age of 32, he could never have imagined…


Wine Serving Tips: Why the glass matters

Wine connoisseurs know something even more important than facts about vintages and varietals: It makes a big difference how your wine is served. From the correct temperature to…