Foggiare Wellness Center

European Wellness Wave Reshapes and Reimagines Traditional Spa Treatments in Boca Raton

Some spas are simple facilities — offering not much more than a massage table, a woman swirling lazily around the pool, or a couple in white robes baking in a basic sauna. Others are revitalized and resplendent,
luxurious destinations that truly take it up a notch to oer a variety of full-body health, fitness, and pampering services to meet each client’s specific treatment goals.

“We work on whole-body beauty and wellness,” said Paula Quintero, Manager of the Foggiare center at Boca. “Foggiare is a premium wellness center, and the European technology we use for treatments takes a unique approach transforming the body and skin from the inside out.”

Foggiare, which in Italian means “to form” is a premium wellness center for men and women providing custom health, weight loss, and beauty programs with exclusive European technologies — currently making them the only center in the U.S. to offer these services. Clients include those who want to improve their body tone and shape, build muscle tone, combat signs of aging, manage weight, and recover and relieve pain.

Originating in Europe, Foggiare’s first location opened in Boca Raton in 2019. A second center will open soon in St. Petersburg, Florida, and 350 locations are already operating in Europe and Asia. Thierry Germanovitch and Julien Dossmann, the French owners of Foggiare, wants the American market to also benefit from these unique concepts to revitalize the body.

Foggiare offers impressive, high-tech treatments including Electrosculpt with Infrared Light, Infrared Steam with Aromatherapy and Pressotherapy.

“These have been proven in Europe and Asia for 20 years,” said CFO of Foggiare, Jon Wolfrom. “We’re concentrating on the U.S. and growing throughout Florida to offer these services.”

Electro muscle stimulation is all the rage. Foggiare takes this to a new level by combining the muscle contractions with warming infrared light. One 45-minute session is equivalent to 6 hours at the gym. This FDA-cleared device provides a serious workout — all while laying down, relaxing and not even breaking a sweat! In addition, the infrared light therapy penetrates deep into the skin tissue to boost metabolism, burn calories and help reduce toxins.

A must-try is Infrared Steam, which combines the thermal, warming effect of infrared with a scented aromatherapy steam bath. The machine detoxifies the body, improves skin tone, elasticity, and texture, while also providing stress relief and fatigue reduction. After one submerges themselves into the machine, steam swirls around the body, leaving skin feeling like a velvety leaf, while infrared technology simultaneously detoxifies from the inside out.

Wellness as a whole is dependent on lymphatic system and its function. Enter Foggiare’s Pressotherapy, a full-body way to drain the lymphatic system by compressing and massaging the upper and lower limbs and torso in order to create an optimum internal system for weight management. Benefits include improved circulation, reduced cellulite and removal of toxins.

With private treatment rooms, specializing in several fields of body and health, and the exclusive Slim-Up Program, which customizes a complete treatment plan utilizing all of Foggiare’s treatments technologies, Foggiare Wellness Center reshapes and reimagines the traditional spa.

“Foggiare is about feeling confident, strong and beautiful in your own skin,” said Paula Quintero. “To achieve your goals and improve the quality of life.”
426 E Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33432

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