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A Clean Wine Brand With Famous Founders

The story of Avaline begins like so many others — over a bottle of wine shared between friends. In April 2018, a health-conscious conversation between Hollywood superstar Cameron Diaz and entrepreneur Katherine Power (Who What Wear, Versed Skincare) became a deep-dive into the wine world, with the duo seeking to learn everything they could about the industry: from farming to winemaking, and distribution to retail.

Diaz shares, “I enjoyed wine for many-a-year and never questioned it. Not once. I actually figured it was the most responsible alcohol choice because it was made with fermented grapes! But I had no idea of the process. One of the first conversations Katherine and I had about making a cleaner wine was ‘what are we going to add to it?’ We soon learned it wasn’t what you added, it’s what you didn’t add.”

That one afternoon was the inspiration for Diaz and Power to create Avaline — their own brand of clean-crafted wine that’s vegan-friendly, made with organic grapes and free of unnecessary extras like sugars, colors and concentrates.

Power explains, “We learned most wine is not made with organic grapes and that it can be manipulated with over 70 additives. This completely changed the way we thought about it. When we started asking for clean or organic wines in grocery stores, hotels and restaurants, all we got were eye-rolls. One of our main goals is to increase the prevalence of clean wine in the market, making it available where our consumer is already shopping.”

To get started, the friends first agreed that they wanted to make two types of wines that they enjoyed most: a crisp and clean rosé and a mineral-driven, dry white. Then, they sourced grape producers from France and Spain with certified-organic vineyards, ensuring that the grapes used in Avaline are not farmed with harsh chemical pesticides. In addition to raising the standard for what goes in a bottle, Avaline aims to raise the bar for transparency in the wine industry. This starts with the label, which clearly communicates what is and is not in each bottle. On its website, Avaline provides even more information on the winemaking process and the nutritional content of the wines.

“As Cameron and I spent two years developing, tasting and refining Avaline, we could never have imagined the world in which we all find ourselves today… it has become more vital than ever to find joy in small, everyday moments,” says Power. “Avaline was created for those very moments. When we’re cooking dinner, unwinding at the end of the day or catching up with loved ones, Avaline is here to bring lightness and positivity.”

Now, nearly three years since its conception, Avaline offers conscious consumers a crisp White, a fresh and zesty Rosé, a bold yet delicate Red, and most recently, a dry and refreshing Sparkling wine. drinkavaline.com.

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