Boca’s Premier Injector: Alena Kuneff of Glamor Medical

If only we could all “age gracefully,” as the beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn described it. But unfortunately, many notice changes with aging that are not so appealing. Alena Kuneff, PA-C is a beauty expert who can help you look your best at any age. Alena is a cosmetic injector with years of experience in dermatology and plastic surgery and exceptional medical training. “I evaluate every person as a whole,” she said. “While it is impossible to stop the aging process itself, my job is to reverse it and help people feel more beautiful and assured.” She also mentioned, “You won’t be a new person when you leave my office — instead, you will be a better version of yourself.”

Alena is driven by the diversity of the †eld, and she specializes in providing nonsurgical aesthetic solutions for her patients. She is the owner of Glamor Medical and has a Masters Degree in Medical Science from Nova Southeastern University. She is a licensed, Board-certified, and Insured healthcare professional specializing in medical aesthetics. “I am honest with people. They appreciate that I say exactly what to expect from each treatment,” she stated. It is why her clients trust what she says and wish to stay for their rejuvenation process with her.

Alena’s greatest gift is her ability to achieve a natural look that does not look plastic. Her special formula involves three steps: customization for each individual, creation of lasting natural results using the latest and safest treatments, and enhancement of a person’s natural beauty without changing the face. She lifts cheeks, plumps lips, fixes chins, corrects under-eye dark circles, etc. Alena said, “I have gained a large, loyal clientele due to the emphasis on my natural-looking and tasteful results. My goal is to have you look rested and stunning when you leave my office.”

She also described Sculptra Aesthetics, an injectable treatment perfect to reverse the aging clock on the face or body. Lasting significantly longer than other anti-aging treatments, Sculptra is used to restore lost volume and recreate the youthful definition and contours of the face. Alena said, “I use a lot of Sculptra, and I achieve spectacular results for my clients. If I had to choose one filler, this would be it.” Despite the ongoing debate regarding actress Jennifer Lopez (did she have a surgical facelift or not?), it is now generally presumed that she probably used Sculptra.

With bathing-suit-weather most of the year in sunny South Florida, Alena discussed a non-surgical BBL procedure (Brazilian Butt Lift with Sculptra). “We’re in Florida,” she said, “and many clients strive to achieve the perfect beach body.”

In her office, you may also get various non-injectable cosmetic services: hydrafacial, microneedling, laser, chemical peels, and other desirable procedures on the market. During a consultation with Alena or one of her aestheticians, you may learn about body contouring with VelaShape III (the only FDA approved device for cellulite reduction); or Vivace, the injectable radio – frequency which restores elasticity and tightens the skin on the face, neck, hands, and body. These treatments are very comfortable “with no pain or downtime” yet yield incredible results.

As far as the newest technology on the market, she is beyond thrilled to unveil the latest treatments for face and body with Sciton mJoule™. This innovative platform, from a leading manufacturer of medical and aesthetic lasers, includes BBL HERO = High Energy Rapid Output, and it is now available at Glamor Medical. “I invest in my clients,” Alena said as she described her new laser. It sets new standards in treating skin conditions that result from aging or sun damage. She is happy to offer a combined service of Forever Young Plus and Skin Tyte procedure that removes brown spots (hyperpigmentation), vascular lesions, and wrinkles; it also initiates the body’s natural restoration of sagging skin. “This is the “crème de la crème” — the very best treatment for improving skin quality.

Alena takes pride in understanding the individual needs of her patients and delivering the youthful appearance they desire. Her goal is to help patients feel more beautiful, youthful, confident, and self-assured.

Glamor Medical 7251 W. Palmetto Park Rd., Suite 102 Boca Raton, FL 33433 561-990-8442

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