Matthew H. Maschler and His Humanitarian Efforts

Matthew H. Maschler is a real estate professional in Boca Raton, Florida. He specializes in representing a select clientele of buyers and sellers of residential real estate in Palm Beach County, and all of South Florida. However, as huge as his work success is, it is dwarfed by his contributions to charitable causes. He is proud to describe his efforts on the board of a charity called “Yashar LaChayal” which means in Hebrew “Straight to the Soldier.” Donations do exactly that: they are used directly and entirely to support the soldiers in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces.) Since 2006, Yashar LaChayal has provided humanitarian support to the soldiers.

Matthew said, “We donate hiking boots, raincoats and things that the army may take too long to replace such as refrigerators, and washer/dryers.” He added, “We also have a program for “Lone Soldiers” for those soldiers who have no family in Israel. We organize gatherings such as barbecues and Shabbat dinners.”

Matthew discussed the October 7 attack in Gaza and how the army was caught by surprise. He said, “Usually the bases are stocked and the gear is ready but all of the army units were called at the same time. There was not enough food or beds or equipment so we rented a warehouse and we were able to distribute goods to the army privately. My family has made a pledge that if $500,000 was donated by the public, we would match that amount. As a result, we were able to give $1 million to these causes.”

Matthew has been instrumental in helping Israel in other ways as well. He became aware of an out-of-work nurse who was trying to raise money for a petting zoo for children who had been evacuated since animals have been known to help sooth traumatized children. Matthew funded the zoo and an “Evacuee Shelter” aimed at helping children feel safe in a place while needing to live with strangers. He even paid to make sure that the children received pizza while there in the shelter.

Matthew also learned that a Senior Center had been evacuated to an old hotel near the Dead Sea. Yashar Lachayal funded the same nurse to set up a nursing station with medical supplies for 1,300 Senior Citizens who had left with only the clothes on their backs. He raised funds to help care for the seniors for four days until other charitable organizations and the government arrived.

Thanks to Matthew and his family’s selfless, humanitarian efforts many Israeli soldiers and civilians have been able to get what they need and when they need it.

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