Arthur Adler

It’s very rare to meet a person whose passion for years has been giving to others. It seems that he has had a part in almost every children’s charity imaginable from the Fuller Center, Caridad Center, Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Boca Helping Hands, SOS Children’s Village, Sweet Dream Makers, Roots & Wings, Bikes for Tykes, Boys & Girls Club, and Kelly Shruhl Emerging Scholars, just to name a few.

Arthur initiated The Boca West Children’s Foundation that helps at-risk children’s in Palm Beach County. He humorously described that at first, “I had no time but I was happy to write checks.” As the founder of the Boca West Children’s Foundation, he is proud to have distributed over $20,000,000 in the first 13 years to 35 charity projects. He said, “I never knew about the number of children at risk in Boca, that there were kids sleeping on floors and going without food.”

“What these kids lacked was hope,” Arthur said. We encourage kids to stay in school. He added, “Anything to keep the kids away from gangs and allow them to have a safe environment.” Despite the great success, every year there are more kids that need help.

Arthur Adler is a phenomenon made of a pure heart of gold. He assures all donors that every dollar they give goes to the kids. A year ago he became Chairman Emeritus. He said, “I made sure my programs will be around forever. This will be my legacy, what I would like to be remembered for: that is, for doing whatever possible to feed and educate children at risk.” The children recognize this. They know and love him. He said, “When they see me, they give me hugs.”

Boca West Children’s Foundation

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