Why Your Skin Isn’t Getting the Most Out of Your Beauty Sleep

If you’re looking to improve your skin’s appearance, ask yourself: What are you doing for your skin while you’re asleep? Because about one-third of your day is spent sleeping, make the most of that valuable time by taking proactive steps so you can wake up with smoother, firmer, healthier-looking skin every morning.

“When you sleep, skin cell turnover rates increase, and your skin repairs itself from the day’s damage. But there’s more that you can do to help your skin while you’re sleeping,” says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, board-certified dermatologist. “By using a retinol serum at night, you can enhance the activities that are already naturally occurring. This can help your skin look its best when you wake up in the morning, and with continued use, improve radiance, texture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Here are tips to revamp your nightly skincare routine so you’ll get the amazing results you want.

Even when you’re feeling tired and the hour is late, it’s vital to take time to cleanse your face before bedtime, removing all traces of makeup before applying serum and/or moisturizer. Otherwise, dirt, oils and makeup residue will be sitting on your skin all night long. By not removing those impurities, you’re preventing your skin cells from being able to completely renew themselves overnight, leaving your skin looking dull and tired the next day.

After cleansing your face, use a retinol product that will refresh your skin overnight. Retinol is known as the gold standard of skincare by many experts due to its benefits that work deep within the skin’s surface to reveal renewed, fresher-looking skin. RoC was first to discover a method for stabilizing retinol, combining it with ingredients like vitamin E and oxygen boosters to make it safe and effective for daily use. RoC Retinol Correxion Night Serum Capsules (target.com) provide perfectly measured doses of pure RoC retinol in easy-to-use, 100% biodegradable capsules, filled with a lightweight fluid that drenches your skin and dries to a silky finish.

If you’re going to press your face against a pillowcase for 6-8 hours every night, wouldn’t it be ideal to make sure yours are really clean? Wash your pillowcases frequently in hot water so you’ll be sleeping on a clean surface each night. Consider buying extra pillowcases so you can swap them out almost nightly. Your skin will thank you.

If you have dry skin or live in an arid climate, it may benefit your skin to use a portable humidifier in your bedroom. Keeping your bedroom’s humidity levels between 40-60% will help your skin naturally absorb more hydration overnight, while you’re (literally) getting your beauty sleep.

Following these steps, you’ll soon see the results — a healthier, more youthful complexion that you’ll be happy to wake up to every morning.

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