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Rooftop swimming and socializing is a huge travel trend, and our colleagues at Roof Gnome have ranked the Best Vacation Spots for Rooftop Swimming based on access to accommodations, consumer ratings and average sunshine.

FLORIDA FLOATS: Sunshine State cities Miami Beach (No. 1) and Miami (No. 3) splash to the top with decent weather and excellent rooftop swimming spots. Miami Beach offers the highest number of accommodations with rooftop pools, followed by Miami. Miami Beach also enjoys the most top-rated accommodations with rooftop pools.

SO. CAL SUNBATHING: Los Angeles (No. 2) and San Diego (No. 8) springboard into the top 10 with high access to well-rated accommodations with rooftop pools and plenty of sunshine. L.A. boasts the third-highest number of accommodations with rooftop pools.

POOL PARTIES: Popular destinations for vacationers and bachelor and bachelorette bashes like Nashville, Tennessee (No. 4), New Orleans (No. 5), and Las Vegas (No. 10) offer abundant rooftop pools to party in. Nashville claims the second-highest number of top-rated rooftop pools and the sixth-best average consumer rating.

DROWNING IN POTENTIAL: Five California cities with the most ideal swimming Climate — Salinas (No. 82), Oxnard, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Ventura (all tied at No. 90) — unfortunately disappoint, lacking rooftop pool accommodations to keep visitors and residents cool.

BOBBING AND BURNING: Three Texas cities — Dallas (No. 6), Austin (No. 7), and San Antonio (No. 9) — tread easily at the top, with Houston following closely behind at No. 13. While all four cities land in the top 10 for access and quality, the hot Climate can be a challenge if the accommodations lack shaded spots to escape from the summer sun.

POLAR PLUNGES: Chilly cities like Chicago (No. 24) and Minneapolis (No. 75) make a splash in the rooftop pool scene. They each land among the bottom half of the Climate rank while standing out in the top 50 of pool access. Minneapolis ties with multiple cities at No. 37 in access, while Chicago cannonballs to No. 11.

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