What To Do After You Suffer Damage To Your Home

There are several important steps that you must take after you suffer a property damage loss. Many policyholders don’t realize that their insurance company requires them to make an effort to reduce the damage to their property. Here are a few pointers to help you in the initial days/weeks following your loss:

Take pictures of EVERYTHING! The more the merrier! It is your duty to prove your loss to your insurance company. You must prove and document all damage in order to maximize your claim. If you decide to hire our firm, be sure to give us copies of all photos taken so that we will be able to document your property damage loss accordingly.

Keep a folder that will be used to record all documentation for your claim. Ask that all documents be made available to you so that you remain informed and educated during the claim’s process. Make sure your Insurance company provides you with a copy of everything!

Broken windows and doors must be boarded up to prevent further property damage loss to your property. Have a damaged roof “tarped.” The responsibility of preventing the property from suffering further damage lies solely with you.

You are entitled to have your property and life restored to a state of normalcy. Do not accept anything less than what you know you are entitled to!

Destroying “evidence” will only hurt your chances of getting completely compensated. Do not allow anyone to demolish the structure until the claim has been fully investigated! Get a lawyer that handles these types of claims.

Why Trust Your Homeowners Insurance Claim to Our Firm?
We proudly offer personalized service for each of our clients. We know that problems with your home or property can be devastating. That’s why we treat every case as though it were our own, offering support and guidance as we help you navigate the legal process. We handle communication and negotiation—and litigation when necessary—with your homeowners insurance company for you, fighting on your behalf for proper financial compensation. In most cases, the insurance company will pay our legal fees if we have to file a lawsuit, meaning you will never have to write us a check.

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