How Practicing Natural Cancer Care Changed My Life

Russell Livwel “Doc” AADP

In 2014 after finishing my wound (post-surgery) and skin care certifications in RF, Lasers, nano-current, and ultrasound, I opened a medspa. Most of my wound care patients came from a doctor headhunter company from surgeries I coordinated. Bring me to know Dr. Jeffery Bradstreet and Dr. Maro Ruggerio; Their work stimulates the immune system in treating cancer & autism using natural compounds with a protein GcMAF to activate macrophages. Having a few patients of my own with cancer diagnoses, I started mentoring and practicing their work.

In 2015, I was blessed when Dr. Bradstreet started sharing his proprietary GcMAF with my cancer patients, who responded positively and started observing my first patients improve.

In 2016 I became aware of James Allisons work in immunotherapy, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in
2018 for discovering that cancer can be reversed by activating defense cells (macrophages) in the immune
system to attack and kill cancer cells. 2019 would become the most crucial year in my life as I received a Board Certification In Holistic Health, earned an NPI #, and had my white coat ceremony.

At age 54, I became a healthcare provider and opened a medical office. Observing many autoimmune diseases and mental disorders reverse in my cancer patients who were on my protocol reminded me of my brain injury diagnosis that challenged me for over 50 years. In 1968 age 3, a neurologist diagnosed me with a brain injury to my lower left lobe.

My brain injury led me to countless doctors, medications, and mental health diagnoses. In 2019, I took on the ultimate challenge to reverse my 54-year-old brain injury. Interestingly I became my own patient to myself and opened a chart on myself, even writing my company a check for my service fee. To properly document reversing my brain, I hired neurologist Dr. Howard Kreger to shadow me and conduct EEG Testing of my brain which test results had been abnormal for 50 years. He conducted his own EEG test of me showing: Abnormal brain wave w/rare sharp wave over the L-temporal region.

Using my GcMAF cancer protocol and the late Dr. Bradstreet’s dosing suggestions for autism since neurological disorders have sensitivities. The plan after 3 months of my immunotherapy, I’d start 26 hyperbaric treatments wherein I’d reverse my brain injury at some point. Three months into my protocol I began to feel my gut and brain connecting before my hyperbaric therapies. Amazingly I could feel my gut and brain were rewiring and reconnecting correctly. A personal testimony the immune system can heal the body & brain given the proper nutrients with the correct dosing of those nutrients. Dr. Kreger’s response to reversing my brain injury was, “It’s impossible.” So he conducted an EEG test evidencing normal brain waves after 54 years of abnormal EEG Testing under the care of a conventional neurologist. He also performed a 2nd EEG which confirmed “normal brain waves.”

Dr. Ruggerio wrote in 2012, before knowing him, “all disease & disorders start in the gut’ and need to be reversed in the gut.” Interestingly my brain injury reversed after I rebuilt my gut microbiota and before hyperbaric treatments when I thought my brain injury would reverse my brain injury. In preventative cancer care this immunity restore program would guarantee a person from receiving cancer or any autoimmune disease.

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Russell Livwel “Doc” AADP, is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who is recognized as an expert in the field of health. He specializes in a six month program organically restoring patients’ immune systems by reconstituting their living human microbiomes, restoring compromised immune systems to function optimally. Services includes detox and bloodwork to compound personalized nutrients & sterile solutions.

Traumas from childhood, poor nutrition, and toxic medications are taken into consideration, as they can be the root cause of cancers. His staff includes microbiologists, certified nutritionists, reiki and energy healers, and meditation coaches.

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