Organic Oncology: Reversing Cancers Naturally

Here at Organic Oncology LLC, we restore patients’ innate immune systems back to function optimally which allows the body to reverse cancers naturally without side effects. Doc Livwel address all aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) holistically.


Why do people fly from all over the world to start our six-month cancer immunotherapy program? It’s because of the healthy results in our patients during the six month protocol. Researcher Jim Allison won the Nobel Peace Price in 2018 for his discovery that cancer can be treated by stimulation of the immune system. We agree and since 2014 we have been using custom natural compounds with GcMAF to reverse cancers by stimulation of the immune system. At the end of the six month program, most of our patients immune system tests are in the normal range. Late stage IV cancer patients take a year to get the immune system to test in normal range.

The human body is an ecosystem, so by feeding the gut’s microbiota with beneficial bacteria, you create healthy microbes to reconstitute the body’s microbiomes to function normally (no further compromises) again.

We do this by restoring the immune system in a certain way. This activates defense cells called macrophages causing them to eat and remove infected cells. At this time, the body’s immune system grows strong enough to reverse all cancers.

6 Month Cancer Program – Natural Immunotherapy

Testing Your Immunity
We send our patients a NaGaLase Test Kit to their homes to set a marker on their body’s ability to make defense cells that kill cancer cells. This test is not provided by conventional doctors practicing allopathic medicine.

Detoxing the Body’s Environment
We provide a personalized homeopathy to detox your needed organs. Detoxing your liver, kidney, and and lymphatic systems cleans your body of toxins that cause disease.

Our Customized Private Lab Compounds
We personally compound your nutrient supplements and sterile solutions for home injections. This ensures our patients receive proper dosing of their needed nutrients.

Customized Keto Diet Plan
Sugar feeds cancer, therefore, we implement a ketogenic meal plan for our patients. Our menu and recipes are made in office by our certified nutritionist with no added sugar, 70% of good fats, 20% protein, and 10% carbs.

Our Complimentary Services
We offer complimentary services to assist the holistic healing process. We offer yoga, reiki, meditations, hypnotherapy, and breathing exercises to all of our patients. In some cases, we must address emotional traumas as a root cause of their cancer.

Russell “Doc” Livwel
Phone: (561) 672-5168
399 Camino Gardens Blvd. #101
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