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It’s a crazy world out there and also a dangerous one. With price increases on everything we buy, especially food, gas and housing, some people have become crazed and enraged. Even the topics of the Coronavirus, mask-wearing and vaccinations have touched offfiery, violent anger over differences of opinion. It is a fact that mass shootings had increased and doubled in July 2020 compared to the prior year according to one news source. Today, city police departments report an increase in shootings in schools, houses of worship and public gatherings.

The point is, many people are afraid. They are willing to pay for private security for peace of mind, and the very best company in the security business is Massive Protective Services. They provide trained, certified and insured armed bodyguards as well as protective services for Executives, Celebrities, Politicians, Maritime Security on boats and yachts, and for the general population, serving Martin and Palm Beach counties to Miami-Dade.

Marc Tardalo, owner of Massive Protective Services, adeptly runs a discreet, professional business. His interest in this business was sparked at a young age when he would accompany his father who was with the NYPD. It was then that he learned trust and integrity which he carried into his own business. He does not advertise on Social Media (except LinkedIn for his references and testimonials), maintains a modest website and finds that positive feedback by word of mouth from satisfied customers has been his best advertising.

Many of the high net worth individuals and families his company has protected let others in the same echelon know about the quality of Marc’s services. Marc has been in business since 2013. “My business is seasonal,” he said, “from September to December when the snowbirds are here and then New Year’s Eve until the end of May. We have been commended for protecting well known celebrities and female executives all over the United States, for employee violence risk-mitigation, and for thwarting any possible occurrences at local synagogues.” Marc added, “All of my details are short notice, high profile and short duration.”

Many of the staff at Massive Protective Services have been with the company for longer than 10 years. There are 5 full time employees and the rest have day jobs but have their boss’s permission to leave on a moment’s notice if needed. They are highly trained, well paid and unwaveringly loyal. Marc has regularly reserved an entire gun range just to be sure his staff is trained properly in the use of deadly force, if needed. “We can draw whether wearing Tshirts or formal wear, and, though armed, we generally wear plain clothes to blend in,” Marc said. He added, “We are professional and stay calm but we can recognize a threat well in advance.”

Marc explained that 90% of the “Security Industry” is made up of guards you see at shopping malls and condos – ‘contract security’; 5% are private investigators, and only 5% are similar to Marc’s company. Marc offers high quality secure transportation and close protective services to Elite Executives, celebrities and high-profile clients from Palm Beach to Miami Beach. He said, “We raise the bar on the industry.”

Marc’s stories are riveting and captivating. He has guarded a wealthy gambler at a casino for days in a row and has driven a business executive and his family to dinner at the Breakers in Palm Beach in which he was able, at one point, to foresee a potential situation from far away and avoid it, keeping his clients out of danger. He also covered a posh wedding in which guests were flown in on 4 private jets. Marc said, “We have vests, guns and experience but the key is that we have the knowledge to be able to avoid troublesome issues for our clients and keep them safe.”

Marc summed up his philosophy saying, “My perfection is my standard.”

Massive Protective Services
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