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“I fix people who are broken,” said Dr. Lisa Corsa as she entered the meeting room. She continued, “I truly feel that no one else does what I do.”

Indeed, you will never find a more devoted, passionate doctor of physical therapy who is driven to help her patients end their pain, find the root cause, and give them back their independence. “I care. You can’t pay someone to care,” she said as she described her 100 hour work week that includes weekends and holidays. Dr. Corsa will not leave a patient unable to get treatment—even on a holiday. Even if all the staff­ has gone on vacation, she stays. “Caring for people never stops; it’s not 9 to 5 for me,“ she explained.

Premier Therapy Solutions o­ffers a fully licensed clinical staff and guarantees that you will better understand which ailment you have, get answers to your questions that your doctor may not have given, and you will benet from the individualized evidence-based treatment provided. “Overall the field of medicine is lacking in communication,” Dr. Corsa said. She has found that many patients do not understand why they have had certain medical tests, nor the results. “I triage the process and help navigate the medical maze,” she said. “I listen to complaints daily about doctors and clinics who keep patients for more than an hour in a waiting room or can’t see them for weeks, or don’t give them results of their blood test for days.” Dr. Corsa cuts through the tangles and delays and gets answers. To do this, she has physicians come to her facility to read results of x-rays, MRIs, and blood tests, and has consulted with doctors on Zoom as far away as Israel. In her outpatient facility, she provides physical therapy treatments, occupational therapy, speech pathology, acupuncture, clinical pilates, aquatic therapy, functional medicine and has even added mental health. She has created a successful algorithm for treating the symptoms of long-haul Covid using a twelve week cardio-respiratory PT protocol. The result is a marked improvement for those who did not have the ability to even walk through a mall. She has also incorporated “brain games” to help improve “brain fog” and memory loss. “I never truly take time o­,” Dr. Corsa said. “I study the latest research instead. I dissect patient files to try to find something that may have been missed, to find the answers, and I will work day and night to try to get people better.” She is referred to by many of her patients as the “Navy Seal” of rehab medicine and also a “Medical Detective,” searching for clues to the root cause of a person’s ailment.

The menu of medical conditions Dr. Corsa treats from a therapy perspective is staggering – as she has been in practice for over 28 years. Along with more basic Arthritis, sports Injuries, and neck and back pain, she has expertise in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, stroke and Multiple Sclerosis as well as Peripheral Neuropathy. She said, “I take the cases that no one wants or can’t figure out. I am the last chance hotel for many people.” Dr. Corsa cited one example in 2002 of a patient who ultimately changed her life. The woman had one lung removed, had four back surgeries, and was told by doctors that she would never walk again. Dr. Corsa worked with the woman 7 days a week for 12 weeks and ultimately got her out of her wheelchair and walking again. The woman described Dr. Corsa as “relentless.” That experience opened a new path for Dr. Corsa’s practice since she realized there are many people who could a­fford this type of intensive, personalized, daily treatment. The woman raved to her friends, word spread, and at the early age of 29, Dr. Corsa found that she had over 200 new clients. “If a patient needs daily help, I’m there, day in and day out, “ she said. “If they aren’t able to get here to my medical facility, I go there to their home. In fact, the home environment o­ffers the best possibilities for longevity. I will fly to their location and manage all their care, staying for weeks, if necessary.”

If people come to Premier Therapy Solutions with sprained ankles or fractured elbows, for example, Dr. Corsa begins with a full body musculo-skeletal and neuro-muscular evaluation. On the other hand, she also does “Spine and Joint Prevention Analysis” to make sure the golf and tennis players can play until they are age 99. She collects data and uses prognostic indicators to set up a prevention treatment plan to prevent the injury from occurring. Dr. Corsa said, “It’s the complaints about poor rehab and medical care that drive me. My true passion is fixing people one at a time. They travel from other states and countries trying to get answers about their health problems.” Some are surprised that Dr. Corsa’s treatments begin with somewhat simple changes in lifestyle. She sees food as part of “fixing” the condition and will ask patients what they eat, how many hours they sleep and if they exercise daily. She, herself, wakes up at 5 am in order to bake healthy vegan muffins for her patients. She is vegan and believes in a diet of no sugar and no dairy. She said, “within 90 days of recommending patients to try the vegan diet, their inflammation, joint pain and blood work is almost always fixed.

Dr. Corsa specifies a 5 point program for improved health that includes the proverbial “food-exercise-sleep” recipe:

1) FOOD: no sugar, trans fats, alcohol or red meat.
2) SLEEP: 8 to 10 hours a night
3) EXERCISE: at least 30 minutes daily
4) FLEXIBILITY: maintain normal tissue by stretching and regular medical massages
5) MEDITATION: for calmness and mental relaxation.

In response to the objection of “no time to exercise,” Dr. Corsa created a program she named “NET” (No Excuse Therapy.) It is a 30 minute workout for the whole body that even a busy traveling executive can nd time to do. She has proof that her system works judging by her eight patients who are now in their 90’s. She said, “I call them to see if they did their exercises and got some sunshine (vitamin D.) I have dedicated my life to helping them get to their 90s.” Other success stories involve the injured alpine skier who suff­ered badly with long haul COVID symptoms who’s now back on the slopes again, and her most difficult case. It involved a woman who su­ffered a massive, triple brain aneurysm, and was left in a comatose vegetative state. She was told by many physicians that she would never walk again. However, as a result of Dr. Corsa’s dedicated persistent work with her, the woman was able to walk in one year and was dramatically improved after 3 years.

Dr. Corsa gathered into her lobby all of the physicians who had given up on the woman. Then she had the woman shock them by walking into the room, proving them all wrong. “The Brain can heal” she cited. Dr. Corsa realizes that her medical help is not aff­ordable to everyone so on weekends, she donates her time to treat teachers, soldiers who have been shot and other low income individuals, pro bono . She said, “They come to me with no hope. I give them hope.” The sign in her conference room says it best: “You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

2595 NW Boca Raton Blvd., Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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