Israel Edri Hair Wellness Salon

Once you meet Israel (from Israel), you will never forget him nor how your thinking about hair has changed from what you’d previously thought. “Hair changed my life,” said Israel Edri, “and I’ve changed others’ lives.” Prior to being involved in the hair salon, Israel worked in the beauty business for Estee Lauder cosmetics company and for Chanel as a make-up and eyebrow design artist. He worked 17 hours and was always #1 in the company. He said, “I’m a perfectionist,” and a huge hand-written script on the salon’s wall attests to his belief that “Perfection does not exist; you have to create it.”

Israel moved to the U.S from Tel Aviv. in 2013 and became a Master Hair Colorist for Wella. After 6 1/2 years in the business, he earned the name “Dr. Blonde” which stuck until he became a color specialist repairing all hair color, not just blonde, so the misnomer was abandoned. On November 30, 2021, after a year of construction, Israel’s own salon opened. He caters to a high-end clientele in the Boca area and said, “Comfort of my clients is of the utmost importance.” He pointed to the green, cushy salon chairs and said, “From the moment a client walks in the door, everything signifies relaxation.” In fact, he described how he built the green and earthy tones in the salon around the rich, green color of these chairs. Other significant features that enhance the relaxation theme are the peaceful glass waterfall room divider between the main area and the sinks, the plush “White Room” for facials and skin treatments, and even the exquisitely decored restroom. Extra thought has also been given to the chairs at the hair-washing stations that vibrate and massage the back, a treat and an added touch of calm and tranquility. No chemicals or aerosols are used which adds to the total eco-consciousness. On Fridays, Israel offers guests a small shot of Tequila or glass of wine, accentuating the relaxation theme as well as a cheery lead-in to the coming weekend. (Israel works 6 days a week for 12 hours per day but does not work on Saturday, the Sabbath.)

Israel’s expertise extends to solving hair problems. “People come with hair loss or badly damaged, broken or over-processed hair, and I specialize in hair reconstruction,” he said. “I am invested passionately in bettering my clients’ hair,” he added. “I am a one-man show, spending hours on my feet with my brain and body just totally focused on hair. I use the best of every product and I know that I am going to give them the best color and experience they’ve ever had. In fact, going to me is like going to the doctor because I fix and repair, and I keep it all confidential. If the client listens to me, I guarantee results–hair that will be in the best shape of their lives.” As Israel spoke, he worked carefully and methodically on a client’s very long, dark hair, adding a few extensions and then a few pretty, bouncy curls using a curling iron. As if confirming Israel’s words, she said, “it’s worth the drive and every penny to come here. My hair is ten times better than before.”

There it is: the unexpected and totally impromptu confirmation of Israel’s expertise. He responded, “I have 100% repeat business. Because I deliver.”

Israel Edri Hair Wellness Salon
349B Yamato Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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