Healthy And Organic Treats for Your Beloved Pup

Your fur baby’s health matters. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and that’s why FitterPaws Pet Products launched four new organic and GMO free products for dogs.  Chews and treats your dog will actually love.  All of the products are human grade, organic and vegan. Let your dog enjoy treats crafted for different different areas of concern:

  • Anxiety:  Helps reduce anxiety and brings a sense of calm to your pet.
  • Digestion:  Improves the digestive system for a more healthy gut.
  • Mobility:  Reduces joint pains and increases mobility.
  • Overall Wellness:  Gets your furry pal to super health status.

FitterPaws Pet Products strongly believes in giving back to the community of our lovable furry friends and their owners.  Hence a portion of proceeds from sales will be donated monthly to pets in need.


FitterPaws Pet Products offers and delivers healthy, organic, non GMO and vegan chews and treats that your pets will love.  Visit our website for more information, secured order platforms, and shipping policy.

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