Brandon Bowsky “The Science Gym”

Imagine if you could work out in a gym for 20-30 minutes, but get the benet of a two-hour workout. That’s exactly what Brandon Bowsky has made possible with a new health and wellness facility in Boca Raton.

The Science Gym is unique. It contains special exercise equipment that, up until now, has been reserved almost exclusively for celebrities, athletes or the very wealthy. Brandon explained, “I have designed a concept that gives people access to this equipment at a reasonable cost when compared to alternatives like personal training.”

Brandon had a far from wealthy upbringing that didn’t offer great opportunity, but he was always into yoga, health and wellness — and always had an innate drive to succeed.

With hard work, Brandon became the owner of a number of businesses: insurance agencies, a lead generation company and a consulting business. His passion for fitness led him to begin researching the biohacking movement that uses science and technology to optimize health. He learned about new, cutting-edge exercise equipment with which users can make the most possible progress in the least possible time — without risk of injury. He found that there are only a handful of facilities in the country that utilize all of these different pieces of equipment, but with a drawback: their clients are predominantly the very affluent and pricing can be a bit difficult for the average joe to afford.

“There is another facility like this in South Florida but nothing like this local to Boca Raton — and in my experience, some competitors’ employees were abrasive and I just don’t think there’s any place for that kind of disposition in this space,” Brandon said. On the other hand, he is very transparent about having made over a half-a-million dollar investment in this new facility and how through the four tiers of memberships, this equipment will be accessible to all, regardless of status. “This is a passion project for me more than it is a business, I have several successful businesses, but this is about changing lives,” he explained.

Upon entering this upscale gym, you can’t help but be impressed with the clean, space-age feel, state-of-the-art equipment, and the obvious thought that went into the entire design. Spacious showers are something out of home magazine, with changing rooms that include closets to match and a relaxing lounge area with big-screen TVs showing informative videos about the concepts of the equipment as well as a screen for entertainment and video games.

One separate area features a huge stepin Cryotherapy chamber that surrounds users with liquid nitrogen, which rapidly cools them for a few minutes. This reduces inflammation, helps recovery from injuries, and — one of the best perks — it can burn as much as 800 calories per three-minute session.

Another area has a “Vasper,” a low impact machine for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). To workout with the Vasper, the client wears compression garments that are lled with 42 degree water and are worn on the thighs, arms and neck while sitting on a cold water cushion on what looks like a reclining elliptical machine. The cold sleeves and cushion keep the body temperature lower, which slows the heart rate and results in faster muscle recovery. Just 21 minutes on this piece of equipment is equal to up to two hours of cardiovascular benefits via a workout that is safe, and low impact. This is what many professional athletes use for rehabilitation after an injury or a surgery, and it promotes optimal heart health. Brandon said, “I am uberpassionate about this project. I hope to healthfully live to 150 and want to offer others that same opportunity.”

Equally impressive are unique apparatuses called “ARX” machines, which stands for Adaptive Resistance Exercise. These machines let you set your start and finish positions and provide full range of motion while allowing you to exert the maximum amount of force through the entire range of motion — providing the MOST EFFECTIVE and SAFEST weight training experience.

Additionally there are a variety of other offerings, such as Red Light Therapy Panels, a Somadome Meditation Pod, Nano-Vi which is an immune-boosting and oxidative stress relief device, a state-of-the-art massage chair and more!

There will only be a handful of people in the facility at a time (respectful of social distancing and COVID-19), and each will be guided by a team member, much like having a personal trainer.

After finishing a workout, clients are rewarded in the charming “bar” area with a complimentary health beverage such as an amino acid or protein drink. As Brandon reiterated, “This used to be available only to the privileged few. There is nothing like this around. I’d like to see everyone have access
to the best equipment possible.”

The Science Gym
1956 NE 5th Avenue, Unit 1,
Boca Raton, FL, 33431
Phone: 561-717-8799

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