Body by Petra. 24/7 GYM Offers Keys To Optimum Health

When you choose Body by Petra 24/7 Gym in Boca Raton, you not
only get a turnkey fitness experience suited to your personal
needs, you get access to Petra Mertl’s encyclopedic knowledge of
optimum health for your body. Whether you want to lose weight
and get in shape, pursue body building, train as a top athlete, or heal your body from an injury or disease, Petra can design a plan for you.

At 2,000 square-feet, with 32 machines and the advantage of 24/7 access with personal keyfobs, the gym feels like an extension of home. There are rarely more than 3 or 4 people working out at the same time, and more often 1 or 2. In addition, you can bring your dog, which raises the comfort level for clients who are dedicated to their pets.

“A lot of people feel intimidated by big gyms,” says Petra. “You’ve got people who like to show o  or bring their drama to the gym.” Body by Petra is for those who prefer privacy as they work on their individual goals.

The real difference at Body by Petra is Petra’s passion for helping people live healthier lives. Teaching fitness and aerobics by the age of 16 in the Czech Republic, Italy, and France, Petra went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. She is certified by the National Federation of Personal Trainers, International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), as a Tony Robbins RMT Life Coach, and has specialties in Holistic Nutrition and Regenerative Detoxification. Her personal bodybuilding achievements are too numerous to list but but she has been a two-time Czech Republic champion. Currently she judges IFBB competitions in Florida and is the organization’s social media director.

Petra’s successful competitive career came to a halt in 2015, however, with her own health crisis. “I couldn’t even open the door to my car or my home. I had to wear braces on my elbows. I couldn’t bend over without pain and was getting cortisone shots.”

Diagnosed with a chronic illness that caused inflammation in her joints, Petra dedicated herself to studying nutrition and healing.

Having followed a traditional bodybuilding diet of lots of meat and no sugar, Petra discovered a plant-based diet of living foods and herbs restored her to health. Within 3 months of making a transition, she was pain free. She now eats mostly raw fruit. Her Body by Petra Plant Based Nutrition Program is based on the science of creation, biochemistry of digestion and absorption, and the utilization and elimination of waste in the human body.

If Petra’s plant-based approach sounds drastic, consider that competitive athletes from Olympians like Dotsie Bausch, who
medaled in cycling (the oldest female to ever do so) to NFL quarterbacks like Tom Brady thrive on meatless plant-fueled
diets. Plant-fueled diets not only enhance performance but speed healing. Even the strongest man in the world, Patrick Baboumian, is a vegan. When asked how he can be as strong as an ox when he
doesn’t eat meat, Baboumian answered “What do you think an ox eats? Plants.”

To those who worry about getting enough protein, protein is chemically broken down into amino acids and glucose through
digestion. A big green salad will give our body immediately available protein-building amino acids. Plant-fueled diets not only enhance performance but speed healing.

“The best thing I ever did was to stop eating animal protein,” says Petra. “I wish I had done it a long time ago, and I could have been a better athlete. I have more energy than I ever had. I am stronger, faster, and more compassionate.”

Body by Petra specializes in personal training, body transformation, contest prep, weight loss, nutritional counseling, plant-based nutrition, and regenerative detoxification. There are a variety of membership levels, but no contracts, and every new member receives three personal training sessions. Call for a free evaluation
and reach your fitness goals, finally.

5501 N.Federal Hwy #3, Boca Raton

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