Back to School Fashion: Top Sneaker Styles to Try

New shoes are always at the top of the shopping list to accommodate growing feet for back to school.

According to Chris Otto, athletics merchandiser for national retailer Rack Room Shoes, this season’s sneakers include classic silhouettes, pops of colors, and multiple heights to offer comfort and style for returning students.

“Shopping for shoes during the back to school season can be an exciting time for families,” says Otto. “With
the range of options of brands, prints, and platforms, it‚ it’s easy for parents to select footwear to
any school outfit, while helping children express their individual personalities.”

Here are the top back to school sneaker trends to try this year:

Court-inspired sneakers were designed to go with everything, and when it comes to styling, variation is key. These on-trend shoes are available in high-, mid-, and low-top versions, different platform heights, and can feature canvas or leather uppers.

Kids enjoy the retro style of the Nike Court Borough, which sports the classic swoosh logo and offers the perfect blend of style and comfort for those on the go.

2 ELEVATION: From high-tops to low-tops, and even platform versions that take fashion to new levels, sneakers with different heights are back in a significant way. This year’s elevated sneaker options feature on-trend and seasonal colors to wear with skirts, dresses, jeans, and more.

What’s old is new again with Chuck Taylor All Stars, which come in varying options. The high top lugged platform offers a new twist, with a rubber outsole to add height and modernity to this timeless favorite.

3 POPS OF COLOR, NEUTRAL, METALLIC AND PRINTS: Patterned shoes are no longer viewed as a statement accessory, but rather as a neutral that can be mixed and paired with any item in the closet.

The Vans Ward sneaker adds a fun twist to its classic skater-style shoe with assorted prints, colors, and sizes for kids—and parents, too.

For one-stop-shopping during the back to school season, parents can visit the Athletic Shop at Rack Room Shoes. Thanks to the abundance of fun and functional footwear trending for kids right now, families can be sure that students are sent to school prepared to look and feel their best.

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