The Future of Social Media and Networking is Here

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. LinkedIn. TikTok. Pinterest. Reddit. These are a sampling of today’s Social Media. How many are familiar to you? Today’s Gen Z (comprising 68 million young people in the U.S. between ages 9 and 24) is sharp and very attuned to these platforms. (By the way, in case you were wondering, Millennials are ages 25 to 40.) While our parents marveled at the invention of portable phones without cords and attempted to become experts at newfangled electronic games like Pac-Man, Mario Brothers, and Game Boy, the current generation has moved light years ahead.

Three savvy 20-somethings have come up with an idea to leverage today’s social media platforms to enhance both business and social life, advancing well beyond their parents’ comfort level with Facebook. It’s called “Linkme”, and it’s a combination of today’s platforms that includes all your social media and contact information in one easy-to-use mobile app. It does so much more than when used individually. Net Kohen is the CEO and cofounder of Miami-based Linkme, joined by Val Share, COO, and Dre Medici, CMO, a marketing guru who became a millionaire by age 19 through his marketing agency. These three, all in their mid-20s, have devised a revolutionary, simple way to connect and share information. Its ease of use is groundbreaking and its potential for business and networking is transformative. In essence, Linkme collates all your information (or as much as you’d like to share) into a singular location.

Unlike other apps, Linkme is a breeze to use. Net described it as a “one-stop shop with everything in one place.” It’s already in use across 180 countries, with over 7 million users in 2023. You get your own page where you can craft a profile, upload photos and videos, design ads for your business, foster community interaction/networking, or post a “shout” that can be dispatched to your network or globally. Moreover, a significant advantage of Linkme is that it’s entirely free.

Net likened Linkme to a “digital Panama Canal”, signifying that it provides a newer and faster avenue to achieve business and social objectives. With a workforce of 50, Linkme boasts a valuation of $192 million, and, despite its nascence, is proliferating at an impressive pace. This is because it benefits everyone, from those who merely use their smart phones for calls and texts to investors discerning its innate value and potential. Already, numerous celebrities, athletes, and other influential figures have adopted it, with nightclubs, musicians, restaurants, realtors, and fitness experts leveraging it for business promotion.

So, make way Facebook and Twitter. We introduce and welcome Linkme, the next echelon of community and global communication.

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