Revival Boutique

If you haven’t heard of Revival Boutique yet, you soon will. Word has spread quickly about these fabulous, unique clothing stores that have become the talk of South Florida. The owners, Eli Kadosh and Ronnie Gilboa are life-long friends from Israel who had been managing different stores but then merged to produce a string of successful new clothing boutiques. Eli said, “We are pleased to have six stores now and plan to keep growing. The industry chose us.” Eli and Ronnie truly believe that there is room for a Revival Boutique in every upscale center in the country.

One of the keys to their magical success is giving personal attention to clients. Eli explained, “This is bigger than online shopping. People are social creatures and our concept is to create relationships, provide a place to relax and unwind, and to make the customer feel better than when they walked into the store.” One of the beauties of in-store shopping as opposed to online is the ability for customers to see, feel and try on the merchandise. Another key advantage is that smaller, individual stores can rapidly make any needed tweaks and adjustments. Eli explained, “We have sharpened our concept so that we can adapt to various locations and make changes quickly, unlike large national stores.” Eli and Ronnie emphasize that they listen carefully to their customers so they can better understand what they want. In order to coordinate, Eli and Ronnie meet twice a week to update and discuss any issues or concerns. They are both devoted to their craft, constantly meeting with their managers, and always emphasizing the importance of a personable approach to clients. Ronnie said, “We stick to our core values of customer service and go out of our way to bring the best of the best to our stores and customers. As a result, we’ve created a great following.”

Another reason Revival Boutique succeeds is the skill that both owners possess in being able to see trends in fashion. They have become specialists in the field and in understanding exactly which clothing works in the di­fferent demographics of their stores. They attend trade shows in Las Vegas, New York and Atlanta along with their buyer, Lois Snyder, and buy “six months out.” They carry top designers such as Bella Dahl, Rails, Generation Love, Drew, YFB and Chaser. In addition to their keen understanding of styles, both owners have the same devotion to their craft and their work ethic. Their philosophies of fitness, good nutrition and health blend with their beliefs and attitudes of spiritual growth and inner peace. Their abilities to adapt to any changes personally as well as professionally have resulted in a perfect balance and a proven track record. Eli said, “We can copy and paste but with a lot of added heart and soul in it. We call it ‘retail therapy’ because we focus on our customers. Our clients always feel better when they leave than when they came in, and that is our ultimate goal.”

Eli and Ronnie take pride in the fact that the merchandise in their stores appeals to three generations. Ronnie said, “A grandmother can come in with her granddaughter and both will find lines and products they like, whether casual or dressy. Overall, we know that when you look your best, you feel your best.” Both owners have an eye on future growth saying, “We hope to open two or three more stores in the next twelve to eighteen months. The positive news is that we know we will end 2022 with a bang.”

Locations: Delray Place · Delray Marketplace · Promenade At Coconut Creek · Woodeld Plaza · River Market at Fort Lauderdale · Boca Center
Phone: 305-522-3158

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