Reverse Cancers Naturally

ORGANIC ONCOLOGY. Join our 6-month reversing cancer program.

Why do people from all over the world travel to see Doc Livwel for his six-month cancer program?

Because here at Organic Oncology LLC. we restore patients’ innate immune systems back to function optimally which allows the body to reverse auto-immune disease naturally without side effects. Doc Livwel address all aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) holistically.

We use natural ingredients proven to kill cancer cells. Researcher Jim Allison won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 for his discovery that cancer can be treated by stimulation of the immune system to attack tumor cells. Since 2014 we have been using natural proteins and compounds such as GcMAF Protocol, to fight cancer and secondary diagnosis.

The human body is an ecosystem so feeding the gut’s microbiota with beneficial bacteria, aids bacteria to reconstitute the body’s microbiomes to function optimally again. We do this by stimulating the immune system in a certain way by activating the body’s macrophages (known as white blood cells) to kill and remove infected or dead cells). As this happens, the body grows stronger, and patients start showing health improvements after starting our protocol.


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