Mark Reynold’s Kitchen, Bath, Flooring & Lighting Showroom and Design Center

By: Deby Goldfarb

“I never dreamed my house would look this good. It looks like a picture in a magazine, or even better.” Imagine being a general contractor who just completed a renovation and hearing these words from one of your customers. “Customer satisfaction is my reward,” said Mark Reynolds, owner of Kitchen, Bath, Flooring and Lighting Showroom and Design Center, or simply, Imperial Group, Inc. in Coconut Creek.

Mark was raised in Jamaica where his trade and his passion was carpentry. His larger vision, however, was entrepreneurial, always wishing to own his own business. He moved to the U.S. in 1987 and spent years learning the process of construction and renovation, then getting licensed and state certified. In 2004, certified as a general contractor, he did launch a new business, “Reynold’s Concepts.” The focus was on construction when he started in 2004, but, again with a vision of expansion, he wanted to create a full service company. “I noticed over the years,” he said, “that many other contractors would contact my company, almost always looking for the same items. I decided to have a store where they could easily find all those items, and at unbeatable prices.”

Mark re-branded his store three years ago calling it “Imperial Group, Inc.” with a beautiful showroom that offered contractors pricing. The leg up was that the special pricing was not only for contractors but to the public as well. Customers now had a one-stop shop, a place that offered both construction products and services. Mark added, “we make it comfortable for customers to find what they are looking for. We have no sales quota so there is no pressure to buy. It’s a very laid-back environment. Truly, it’s all about the customer.” In fact, Mark told the story about one customer who came to the store every day for a month, looking at the same item until being ready to purchase.

Many of the kitchen, bath and flooring items may be found in catalogues yet most customers seem to prefer to come to the store and see the actual items. Mark’s showroom is large, 4500 square feet, with new products added every day. He simplifies the construction or renovation process for the customer and offers free estimates for their projects. First, Imperial Group goes to the customer’s location, at no charge, and takes measurements. Then a free 3D design is created making it possible to see the finished product before even purchasing anything. Customers are delighted to be able to choose the colors and designs yet be able to change every item from the backsplash to the cabinets. Second, depending on whether Imperial Group is the supplier for a job or also installing, an estimate of the materials and labor is calculated. Mark said, we welcome and work well with all contractors. If a client comes to us and already has a contractor, that is fine. We never step on a contractor’s toes.” He added that many who already have contractors and have begun their projects, still feel comfortable to come to Mark with their questions about permits or procedures. Mark said, “we answer as a free public service.”

Imperial Group has an easy to find location in Lyons Plaza with plenty of free parking, important for clients coming from as far as Naples and Port St. Lucie. Mark appreciated the warm welcome by Coconut Creek with the city providing a Grand Opening and attendance by the mayor. Mark summed it up by emphasizing what was most important to him: Quality and Customer Service. “We not only supply but install. We make it easy for our customer; we can even drop ship tile right to their door.” Always with an eye toward growth, Mark hopes to duplicate and expand his successful business to other cities.

Imperial Group, Inc.
1349 Lyons Rd.
Coconut Creek, FL 33063

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