La Marsa Mediterranean Restaurant: “Step Up to Health and Flavor”

This is the motto of La Marsa, the delicious new Mediterranean restaurant on Sample Road in Coral Springs. You will not find a restaurant that cares more about its guests, its food and its service. The managing partner, Yousif said, “We treat everyone who comes in as if they are family.” In addition to the cozy, warm ambiance with background classical music, and an emphasis on hospitality, the cuisine offers many familiar dishes that we know as well as some wonderfully unique preparations that are new and interesting to savor. Even the beverages such as raw juices and smoothies are healthy and fun to sample. If you like a rich roast, try the Arabic Coffee which is similar to the dark, thick consistency of a small cup of Cuban coffee but with a new, distinct flavor. The healthy “Arnold Palmer” drink is a mixture of lemonade and iced tea but this recipe has lemonade squeezed by hand and then frozen to add a frothy finish that is far better than others and may be the best you will ever drink.

After we ordered our dinner, a complimentary plate of fresh baked pita and garlic spread was served as it was to every dine-in customer. It was quickly brought to the table just to ease any immediate hunger. It was, of course, homemade with garlic, lemon, olive oil and just a hint of jalapeno for a very slight kick.and it was one of the best we’ve experienced. We tried the Baba Ghannooj, a blend of tahini, lemon, garlic and char-grilled eggplant and the other was creamy and fresh tasting Hommous, made from scratch. You can experience both plates by having an appetizer combo that also includes Tabbouli, a traditional salad made with bulgur wheat, finely diced tomatoes and scallions, parsley, mint, and a zesty dressing. We recommend the fresh made lentil soup, a hearty, masterful blend of lentils and a medley of pureed vegetables and spices, also served with warm pita bread which you’ll want to use to scoop up every last drop. La Marsa’s Falafel are round spheres with a fabulous contrast of crispiness on the outside yet fluffiness on the inside, made the traditional Egyptian way with fava beans and Mediterranean seasonings. Another specialty not to be missed is the Mediterranean classic “Stuffed Grape Leaves” that promises to far outrank any you’ve tasted because they are rolled by hand daily to ensure the freshness. The generous appetizer platter comes with eight pieces marvelously stuffed with rice, a little green onion and those provocative Mediterranean seasonings.

Yousif described the importance and the effort made for authenticity. He said, “We brought down some of our top chefs and we still import many spices and ingredients from Michigan to ensure that we maintain the standard that was created as a company there. At La Marsa, we tell our story through our food. We have a connection and passion for our product. We truly believe in it. Our menu is mainly Lebanese with a few inspired Egyptian dishes which offer a unique twist. The company was started in 2006 in Michigan by three
partners, two are Egyptian and one is Tunisian.” They were so popular, they expanded into twelve locations in the Detroit area but Yousif felt that once he had managed and “reached the ceiling” in the company. There was only one more task at hand and that was to take on the challenge of owning and managing a restaurant himself. When he had relocated to Florida, he felt that there was a huge gap in finding truly fine and genuine Mediterranean food. He craved the flavors and proper preparations he knew so well but just couldn’t find it here and he often heard the same comments from the local snowbirds. Then four months ago, he found his niche in Florida by opening La Marsa Restaurant. Yousif said, “We felt that the Coral Springs area was similar to our demographics in Michigan. I wanted to plant a seed in Florida in the same way the founders did in Michigan and then expand the brand with the hopes of having a chain of them throughout the state of Florida.

You must “take a trip to the Mediterranean” by visiting La Marsa because the typical chicken and meat dishes such as Shawarma, Shish Kabobs and Lamb Chops you may have had in other regional restaurants, do not come close to the quality and authenticity you will find here. Yousif said, “We’re not testing our food. That has already been proven. We are simply introducing our quality to the market.” He also said, “In addition to our superior food, we take pride in our hospitality and feel it is most important. You can’t have a million dollar product without million dollar service.” La Marsa also stands out by including vegetarian and vegan offerings and a children’s menu.

La Marsa is the perfect restaurant in which to have a feast without having to be concerned about your waistline. As their motto proudly states, come to La Marsa to “Step Up to Health and Flavor.”

La Marsa
6268 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL 33067

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