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Anyone who lives in Florida knows that the tradeoff for warm weather, scenic vistas, and majestic sunsets is the annoying buzzing and biting of mosquitoes and no-see-ums. These pests can wreak havoc on outdoor activities, and bites can cause discomfort or disease. When a mosquito bites a person, or pet, its saliva enters the host, and in the best-case scenario, causes an itchy rash. In the worst-case scenario there is the potential transference of parasitic and arboviral diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and Zika, to name just a few.

Seventeen years ago, entrepreneur Steve Jenkins had an epiphany when his wife experienced a severe reaction to a mosquito bite. He was aware of a commercial misting system that was used for fly control and his idea was to adapt it to tackle mosquito infestation. With that information Jenkins revolutionized the industry when he created SWAT Mosquito Systems. The unique selling proposition of the SWAT system is twofold. The first differentiator involves the solution itself. The first differentiator involves the solution itself. SWAT uses a botanical containing pyrethrum, which is derived from chrysanthemums, a synthetic of pyrethrum, as well as has 100 percent USDA National Organic Compliant products. The second unique element is the delivery system which involves the strategic placement of a custom-built misting sprayers. The characteristic of the property dictates the layout of the installation design which ensures maximum coverage and optimal results.

Today, SWAT Mosquito Systems is a leading full-service provider of permanent automated mosquito misting systems for residential homes in South Florida. They also provide, repair, maintenance, and service, including tank refills of existing systems. Their Miramar, Florida based headquarters was recently remodeled and includes a state-of-the-art training center. Jenkins, who serves as the company’s President and CEO is passionate about product knowledge and outstanding customer service. These traits are essential to the brand and so are his team of professionals. Jenkins is fiercely proud of his employees, and he credits them for the unparalleled growth the company has enjoyed. Brent Ball has been with SWAT since its inception. He is their intensely positive Vice President of Project Management. Ball stated “The best kept secret in Florida employment is how incredible it is to work for this company. It is an extraordinarily rewarding vocation and the opportunities for growth are incredible. The dedication of our employees is integral to our success. Their efforts have allowed us to dominate our industry in South Florida. At present, our service area stretches northeast from the Keys to Vero Beach and from Marco Island to Naples on the west coast.”

This unparalleled success has not gone unnoticed, and waiting in the wings, was the private equity ƒrm Dubin Clark. Dubin Clark’s sole activity is buying and building business in partnership with procured management teams. Dubin Clark formed the Jacksonville, Florida based Super Home Services, SHS, and George Godfrey is their President and CEO. SHS provides concierge residential HVAC, lawn, plumbing, and pest control in-home service solutions throughout the Southeastern United States. In July of 2021 SHS acquired SWAT Mosquito Systems and immediate plans include the expansion of the SWAT brand westward from Fort Myers to Tampa and then eastward to Orlando.

Mr. Godfrey said, “We are thrilled to add SWAT to the growing SHS platform. We believe this acquisition will provide both unique and complimentary service oerings to our loyal customers. We are eager to leverage the SWAT team’s market leadership and deep expertise. Together, we look forward to providing customers continuous protection from insects with superior permanent pest solutions at their homes and businesses throughout the entire state of Florida.” Mr. Jenkins added, “We believe this partnership is a strong strategic fit for the company. Our team is excited to leverage the knowledge, expertise, and operating experience of SHS and Dubin Clark to help guide and support our growth.”

Learn more about SWAT at or schedule a complimentary consultation at 866-900-SWAT.

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