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Photos by Carlos Aristizabal

“I’m an adventurer” said Deana Clark of BeautySmart Medical Spa in Boca Raton. If you heard her tales of adventure at the tender age of not yet mid-50’s, you would say that “adventurer” is an understatement. Her story is one akin to a fearless adventurer, think Indiana Jones in his fedora, brown leather jacket and whip setting out into the South American jungles except that Deana’s adventure was traveling solo across our entire country. She traveled alone to each of the 50 states with her dog while driving her Ford F-250 truck with an “Airstream” hitched to it. (An Airstream is an iconic American brand of aluminum travel trailer with rounded sides and all the comforts of home.)

Photo by Carlos Aristizabal

Her story started when she opened a MedSpa in Delray in 2008 because this former model’s passion has always been skin care. In addition to her beauty, she is smart and graduated high school at age 16. From there she worked in modeling in Asia with the likes of Cindy Crawford and Nikki Taylor all the while with the goal of gaining experience (and “tear sheets” printed modeling work) in order to move up to the European market in the 1980’s.

Later, Deana moved the Med Spa from Delray to Boca in 2013 and opened Beauty Smart Medical Spa. She said, “When Covid hit, our business was ‘non-essential’ and I burned out. I needed to do something different.” It was at that point that she handed the keys of the business to her two daughters, sold her house, bought an Airstream trailer and decided to travel with her dog, Sophia,… yes, a woman alone traveling cross-country. You can see the path she took on her Instagram page @50statesofsilver aptly named since she was at 50 years old, letting her hair naturally go “silver,” in her silver airstream, set off to see all 50 states. Only twice she didn’t sleep in the Airstream. Most memorably, it occurred when she flew to Maui, Hawaii and ventured to Alaska on a ferry with her truck and Sophia. They slept in a tent, fished for halibut and salmon and explored the glaciers. Deana also described her other “adventures” riding her Harley, scuba diving, and skydiving.

After completing her “Lord Led journey” to all 50 states, she bought a 3 acre farm in Pierson, Florida. “I wanted to own land,” she said. Now driving back and forth from Pierson to Boca, Deana’s energy and focus are on the skincare company, BeautySmart Skincare and helping her daughters during season at BeautySmart Medical Spa. Deana has devoted her time to research and to finding the best labs to produce the very best products. She is into “natural” and ALL of her products contain Aloe Vera because she said, “Aloe is very healing and beneficial to the skin. BeautySmart Skincare products are affordable and they work.”

Deana has a staff of 10 that includes a plastic surgeon, a nurse practitioner with 23 years of experience, 5 medical estheticians/laser technicians and her two daughters. She is proud that this female, family-owned and run business includes Deana’s older daughter, Kara, age 31, who handles the back end and marketing for both companies while Falon, age 29, manages the front desk and the day to day operations of both the Med Spa and BeautySmart Skincare.

Deana’s future holds more exciting ventures. While on her travels in Alaska, she met, Bryan, a hearty, handsome outdoor logger who shares Deana’s devotion to a healthy lifestyle and passion for travel. They each own a farm which works well for them as “snowbirds” (6 months in Florida and 6 months in Oregon and Alaska.) While her daughters manage the day to day workings of the business, Deana has built up a huge e-Commerce following. As a result of giving out samples during her travels, she now has a large customer base all across the country.

Deana’s passion has always been health and beauty. “My core is natural,” she explained, “gardening and growing medicinal herbs, cooking herbs, vegetables and gathering eggs everyday from my hens on the farm, traveling and just getting away from the rat race.” From a sensational life of professional modeling to living in affluent, flashy Boca, Deana still maintains her earthy aura, her natural beauty and her vibrant energy, so unforgettable and admirable as the girl on the road with her dog and her truck.

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Deana’s perfect tagline for her business is, “Beauty-full the Smart Way.”
94 S. Federal Highway, Boca Raton 33432
561-926-SKIN (7546)

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