Cancer & Autoimmune Disease Prevention

Since 2014 we’ve been restoring our patients’ immune systems to naturally reverse cancers and autoimmune diseases. We are now blessed to help people prevent cancers and over 50 immune diseases from occurring in the first place. We activate macrophage cells in your bone marrow (Home IM Injections) so you can prevent disease by continuously eliminating pathogens. Our protocol is supported by research conducted by Nobel Prize winner Jim Allison (2018) who discovered that in a macrophage-rich environment, cancers can be reversed naturally.

Q: If my immune system is compromised, can it be restored?
The answer is yes. With certain nutrients, the body’s immune system can return to optimal functioning. We holistically consider the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of each patient to provide personalized nutrients and therapies to work on every level of their immunity. A human being is more than just a body. For a full healing to occur, one must also consider the root cause of disease. Oftentimes, immune system function can become compromised by emotions, traumas, stress, molds and toxic environments so it is important to address these areas while also treating the physical body.

Q: What is entailed in restoring my immune system?
Our novel approach to restoring your immunity is to begin with a thorough intake consultation with lab work. Then we create a daily protocol for you to follow which can be downloaded to your cell phone & computer. We then supply you with individualized vitamin compounds including vitamin injections for home use. Lastly, you will be given a personalized nutrition plan based on your bloodwork. By providing select proteins, amino acids, and nutrients, the body’s living microbiomes can be reconstituted to prevent cancers and autoimmune diseases that normally come with aging. When functioning properly, the living microbiome of each organ can regenerate healthy cells and eliminate disease-causing pathogens, which can reverse and prevent disease. Additional modalities such as meditation, breathwork, vagus nerve release, and energy healing can help to access the subtle layers of your innate immunity.

Q: What can I do now to support a healthy immune system?
Food can be a potent form of medicine, and it’s important to prioritize a clean diet that’s rich in healthy fats such as avocado, grass-fed butter, and fresh olive oil. Fermented foods like organic probiotic yogurt and raw sauerkraut provide beneficial bacteria to the gut. Green tea can help to detox the body and provide antioxidants. Ensuring proper hydration with electrolytes, supports the whole body to function optimally.

Q: How can your program help take my immunity to another level?
Our GcMAF protocol stimulates macrophage cells that reconstitute your living microbiomes, restoring your immune system to function optimally. We will also help to properly detox to remove parasites, candida, heavy metals and toxicities from vaccinations from the body, which can cause cancers and autoimmune disease.

Call Organic Oncology LLC for a no-cost consultation at: 561-672- 5168.

Russell “Doc” Livwel AADP, is a Board-certified holistic health practitioner with a history in medical tourism, working with global physicians in both conventional and holistic medical practices. As a naturopathic practitioner, Doc Livwel is considered to be an expert in the field of health. He currently specializes in organically restoring his patients’ immune systems by reconstituting the living human microbiomes to provide optimal immunity. Doc takes a holistic approach to cancer, and his services include personalized vitamin compounding, including injectables. He is staffed with a certified nutritionist, energy healer, meditation coach and spinal flow practitioner to release emotions and trauma from the central nervous system.

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