Breaking the Foot Pain Cycle

The food server, retail worker and nurse all have one thing in common: they spend most of their day standing. They, along with thousands of others, suffer from foot pain that they assume is a normal condition of their occupation. One patient of mine admitted that “for too long I accepted my sore, achy feet and the overall body fatigue they caused, as the natural consequence of getting older … it seemed natural to me to have foot pain after more than a half century of running, playing sports and otherwise racking up foot mileage.”

UNDERSTANDING FOOT PAIN Most people don’t realize that foot pain isn’t a result of stress from standing or walking, but rather from inappropriate, standardized footwear. If you need eyeglasses, you wouldn’t wear a pair without customizing them to your prescription because your eyes would hurt and you’d experience headaches. It’s the same with orthotics. Foot pain occurs because the muscles in the bottom of the foot are stretching abnormally due to an improper arch in your shoes. If your arch is not properly supported as you walk, your foot muscles become stretched and fatigued because they are not being held up by your skeletal structure.

HOW HIGH PERFORMANCE CUSTOM ORTHOTICS CAN HELP Using Full Contact Technology, I mold high performance orthotics, making a precise match for your arch. This changes how your foot functions during everyday activities, allowing it to re-form into a normal shape that permits pain-free function. This is a breakthrough from the old-fashioned techniques most podiatrists use which don’t allow for full contact of the arch, thereby making the foot collapse as you walk. The antiquated types of orthotics only alleviated a portion of the pain, and often times only on a temporary basis.

One patient of mine testifies that “the orthotics Dr. Klein made for me didn’t just mitigate my problems, they virtually solved them.” Another states that “in less than one week after getting your custom orthotics all pain and discomfort left me” and he felt ten years younger. It’s also important to understand that your feet affect other parts of your body. Most patients who experience relief from foot pain also find pain disappearing in their knees, hips, spine, and more, which makes our high-performance orthotics life-enhancers rather than just pain relievers.

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