Wedding Day Special

Prepping for your wedding day involves a lot of different steps, from skincare and tanning to makeup and hair styling. Some brides (and grooms) like to start preparing at least three months in advance to ensure that they will look their best on their most memorable day. In fact, the steps that lead up to the wedding day, are not that much different from getting ready for another big event such as a prom, a red carpet event or a gala.

Start your wedding day preparation by making sure you feel good on the inside out. Food and nutrition are important, so stock up with protein treats and nourishing supplements to give you energy for the big day — after all, you will have to meet and greet all your guests, which can be quite exhausting. Drinking lots of water and liquids is also a number one priority to avoid getting light headed while dancing or walking down the aisle. Other small cosmetic treatment options include home-teeth whitening to brighten your smile before your big day. You can achieve a staggering effect with white strips or by applying a vegan, paraben-free toothpaste for a couple of weeks. When it comes to grooming, we also recommend taking care of any hair removal in advance. For eyebrows, facial hair or body hair — only apply products and use devices that you’ve used before and have good experiences with. It’s best to avoid trying completely new products so close to the important date, as sometimes our bodies don’t react positively to new treatments or could have a side effect such as redness or irritation.

The next steps before your wedding day are all related to skincare. In order for the makeup to stay all day and night long, and to not cause any pore clogging, make sure to exfoliate and pamper well beforehand. The same advice goes for masks and face treatments — do them at least a week or a couple of days in advance and avoid using unfamiliar products. Apply a face wash and a moisturizer that contain calming yet rejuvenating ingredients such as caviar, seaweed or sea kelp. Want to stand out in your white dress but not a fan of tanning studios? A nice faux tan can be the solution. Do it at home, best with the help of a trusted bridesmaid who can help you apply the tanner efficiently all over the body so it doesn’t end up looking patchy.

For your special day, makeup and hair are probably the most important aspects, apart from the attire. Selfies and many family photos will be taken throughout the day and the last thing you want is to have a hair out of place, smudged eyeliner or patchy foundation. A good alternative for a combo product between concealer and foundation is a tinted moisturizer with Q10 for an antioxidant effect which will leave you with a natural glow. Finish o your whole out†t with an invisible but loyal friend — a long-lasting fragrance infused with luxurious flower scents