Where elegance meets colorfulness.

VILEBREQUIN1970’s St-Tropez and the sun-kissed lifestyle.

Swimsuit tailor and sun collector since 1971.

Ready-to-wear and accessories for all the family.

Elegance and Colorfulness at Vilebrequin

Vilebrequin recognized its customers’ youthful energy and dedication to family values and experiences. This led to the 1995 launch of the Father and Son concept, expanding the range from mens to boys starting at 6 months old. This father-son bond brought a new dimension to Vilebrequin as it took on family values. Much more than a passing fad, the enthusiasm for this range is high and has become a tradition for Vilebrequin clients globally.

The bright and sunny days of a St Tropez summer are alive with activity, just as it was in 1971 when a passionate fan of motor racing, Fred Prysquel, took a seat at the Café terrace to watch the world go by.

The colors and motifs of that initial 1970’s design, conceived in Saint Tropez, have been constantly re-imagined. Today, the Moorea cut is a Vilebrequin classic, a legendary style that has led its admirers through changing times and fashions.

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