The Doctor Will See You Now: At Home

Going to the doctor these days unfortunately just isn’t what it once was. Sitting in a waiting room while the doctor is running late, and then only having 15 minutes of time to be seen is now the norm. Should you need anything beyond a checkup you are usually instructed to head to the emergency room. After working as an ER doctor for years in a busy community emergency room, I wondered if there was a better way to deliver high-quality, personalized care to my patients.

I looked at “traditional” practices where patients could receive not only preventative care but also be treated when they were injured or ill.

However, I found that many primary offices and concierge practices no longer provided acute care medicine, and that urgent care centers often were cursory in their delivery of healthcare.

I developed my practice by examining everything I disliked about being a patient: Driving to a busy doctor’s office full of sick patients. Traveling to a lab and waiting for a number to be called to get testing done. And most importantly, the lack of focus on prevention of disease.

My practice, Dr. Lighthouse, aims to eliminate all of these problems.

I only treat patients at home. Not only does this provide unparalleled convenience, but also allows for patients to obtain healthcare where they are most comfortable. This includes laboratory testing, and even other diagnostics such as x-ray and ultrasound.

My initial visit is up to three hours long and average visits are about an hour. This gives the needed time to uncover family history, identify risk factors for future disease, and develop a true relationship with your physician. Instead of practicing medicine that reacts to illness once it is discovered, I aim to prevent disease with advanced screening tests for cancer, allergy testing, and hormone analysis.

Should you find yourself feeling unwell, simply call and I will come directly to your home. I carry a supply of medications to treat most common issues such as dehydration, nausea, migraine, back pain, and more. I can perform stitches, drain abscesses, and evaluate for broken bones. Having a Board-Certified Emergency Physician on-call to you personally means you will get expert care for acute health care problems and avoid having to go to an urgent care or emergency room.

Navigating the healthcare system is complicated and time consuming. Another goal of mine is to help patients by coordinating their care across multiple providers with timely communication. The relationships that exist between myself and your specialists helps to cut down wait times and personalize care for you and your loved ones.

Members have access to cutting-edge treatments and therapies such as NAD, multivitamin infusions, weight loss protocols, and more. I strive to make your experience with Dr. Lighthouse a one-stop shop, and even offer cosmetic treatments such as Botox.

It is time that healthcare provides a comprehensive, personalized, and convenient experience. By joining my membership, patients make an exceptional investment into their health and longevity.

Dr. Lighthouse was developed with the idea of returning to a time when a doctor had time to see and treat you all in one place: your home!


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