Sustainable Growth

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since we first introduced you to beauty industry icon Linda Alfieri. For over two decades, this energetic and empathetic professional has been the guiding force behind the Linda Alfieri Hair Replacement Center & Full Studio Salon located in Boca Raton. For the Alfieri’s, hair is a family aair. Linda, is the heir apparent of the legendary Charles Alfieri, who achieved universal recognition for his development of Naturaline™ the world’s first lace front hair piece. The Naturaline™ international patent has been secured twice by cosmetic giant Revlon and its Japanese parent company.

The Alfieri’s have enjoyed a long-standing global reputation for creating nondetectable wigs using only the nest natural hair sourced from Europe and Russia. Their status in the industry affords them the unprecedented opportunity to develop nonsurgical hair replacement alternatives for men, women, and children suffering from thinning hair or medical hair loss. Since a significant number of Alfieri’s clientele are facing healthcare challenges, it should come as no surprise that her attention has been focused on the creation of external use products that help people look better while they are on the road to recovery.

All of Alfieri’s products are invented by her in FDA approved laboratories in cooperation with leading chemists. The crown jewels of her cosmetic line include her proprietary Alfieri Hair Loss Recovery Serum and shampoo. The serum stops early stage hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. The shampoo boasts a “root sweller” which makes the hair appear three times fuller and thicker after just one use.

Since we last spoke with Linda, she has been busy growing her business, but this time she is doing it with a focus on internal use products. Her current efforts involve the development and mass delivery of sustainable products specially devised to promote wellness from the inside out. One example of this serial entrepreneur’s passion for bettering the lives of others is the Truce Products line.

The most exciting item in this category is her daily use Truce™ cream. This organic, time released cream is a new generation pain relief product. It has been scientifically formulated to ease the chronic joint and muscular pain experienced by an estimated 90 million people. Linda explains that “the cream includes Magnesium Sulfate crystals which works with a blend of other sustainable pain alleviating ingredients to reduce inflammation, soothe muscle discomfort, and relieve tendon soreness quickly.”

This remedy is a favorite among current and retired NFL, NBA, and PGA stars. It can be used before and after any physical exertion or for persistent pain management. Physicians, other healthcare providers, and insurance companies have also discovered the value of Truce™. Many are now treating patients with the cream as part of their standard pain care regiment. Additionally, insurance reimbursement is now available for qualifying patients. In a recently announced distribution deal, Truce™ will become available for sale online in spring of 2019.

Linda is also a big believer in the benefits of noni juice. Noni juice is derived from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree which is indigenous to Southeast Asia and Australasia. Linda, who will source her noni juice from Australia, advocates for the incorporation of noni juice into one’s day-to-day life. She explains that noni juice contains scopoletin. Scopoletin possess anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-histamine properties that boost and strengthen the human immune system. Aleri’s Golden Noni Juice will also become available nationwide in the spring of 2019.

The Linda Alfieri Hair Replacement Center & Full Studio is located at 127 E. Palmetto Park Road. To learn more about her wellness and beauty products, or to schedule an appointment, call 561-549-0007.