sk*p Announces New Product Launch That Sticks it To Stink

sk*p natural deodorant is a highly effective and long-lasting solution to eliminating underarm body odor. Available in three tantalizing scents: Surf’s Up, Fresh Squeezed, The Woods. Each stick costs $12.


  • Long-lasting, mess-free odor control that does not rub off or come off with sweat
  • Microbiome-balancing formula that glides on for healthy skin
  • Natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties that keep skin clean and smooth
  • Good for all skin types
  • No silicones, sulfates, parabens, aluminum, baking soda, stabilizers/ emulsifiers

How it all works:

  • Sweat doesn’t actually stink! Your body emits odor when the microflora or micro organisms on your skin consume your sweat and excrete byproduct. The byproduct is what causes odor.
  • sk*p natural deodorant is effective because it uses a food grade tapioca starch to soak up sweat while the g-honeybiome™, sunflower seed extract, grape seed extract and vitamin B nourish the microflora and keeps your microbiome healthy, happy and in homeostasis.
  • sk*p natural deodorant lasts all day because it applies a cohesive layer of healthy product on the skin and does not use stabilizers or emulsifiers like silicone which can chemically break up the key ingredients, making it easy to slide off. The g-honeybiome complex balances the microbiome and has strong antibacterial properties that work to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad odors from areas where sweat is common.

ABOUT SK*P (Simply be Kind to our Planet)

sk*p is a clean hair and body care brand on a mission to break the beauty industry’s addiction to plastic.  Packaged in a 100% recyclable (and sturdy!) paper-based BeautyCarton™ — with microbiome-balancing ingredients on the inside — sk*p was inspired by the generation it was created for, a generation that’s into self-care, but eco-aware. The brand is committed to cultivating and supporting young change-makers through a variety of programs including the industry’s first all youth board of directors and a climate literacy campaign with the Earth Day Network.

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