Regenix: Mastering the Science of Hair Growth

The national research company Statista, using data collected from the United States Census Department and Simmons National Consumer Survey, recently reported that the over the counter, (OTC), revenue for the hair restoration industry in the United States was valued at 120 million in 2021. Further, they found that 12.12 million Americans used hair regrowth products in 2020 and they anticipate that number will increase to 12.94 million by 2024. A leader in the OTC hair preservation and restoration industry is the Los Angeles based Regenix. Regenix is a drug free, chemical free product line derived from all natural ingredients created from decades of scienti†c research delivered straight to the consumer’s door.

Biologist William “Bill” Edwards founded Regenix over thirty years ago with the intention of building a company which would always function “As an ongoing research and a development project.” Today, Regenix enjoys an unprecedented global reputation for white glove service and unparalleled individualized treatments based on personalized hair microanalysis. Edwards explains “Hair loss is caused by pollution, genetics, stress, nutrition, hormone levels, daily habits, and as of late, by the effects of COVID. Regenix cannot grow hair back on a bald scalp, but it can maintain and enhance damaged and/or deteriorating follicles in the early stages. We have, and continue to create, hundreds of formulations based on a scientific knowledge of scalp and hair follicle health. Our product also works well with other OTC products, prescribed medications, and augments hair transplantation.”

For someone experiencing thinning hair, Regenix offers a doit- yourself-customized, three step process. Stage one involves a 30-day kit designed to cleanse the scalp and prepare the follicles for stage two. Regenix uses an intake questionnaire to prepare these customized starter kits which include 12 treatment vials, a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of deep follicle cleanser, a bottle of essential scalp protectant, and instructions on how to collect your hair sample and remit it to Regenix for microanalysis. During the initial period Regenix addresses scalp issues, increases circulation, encourages cell-by-cell exfoliation, removes built up sebum clogging the follicle entrances, and prepares the scalp and hair follicles for stage two.

Step two deals with acute problems causing hair loss and neutralizing any negative genetic factors. In addition, this phase includes delivery of the customized products which will be used to stabilize thinning hair, along with the results of their microanalysis. During this treatment period the user will once again collect and remit a hair sample to Regenix for microanalysis. Using these secondary results, Regenix prepares products for the third and final customized step in the process, wherein they strengthen the hair root and shaft by delivering vast amounts of nutrients to the follicle. The majority of Regenix customers successfully complete the regiment within 90 days.

Edwards encourages cancer patients who have lost their hair to wait six to nine months before considering Regenix. He explains “Most people will find that their hair will begin to grow back. If they find they are unhappy with the texture of the regrowth, we do have products that augment the repair process. We also encourage patients not to wear hair pieces for extended periods of time. Hair pieces interfere with the ability of air to penetrate the scalp and follicles which is crucial to natural regrowth.”

For people without a specific hair loss issue who wish to promote scalp and follicle health, Regenix offers a line of on demand clean hair therapy products that do not leave behind any chemical residues. Hair therapy products include shampoos, conditioner, a deep follicle cleanser, a scalp protectant, a keratin damage control gel and the very popular follicle guard pre-color treatment. The Regenix hair therapy line is mild and safe for everyone, even babies and pets.

To learn more visit or call 1-800-908-8885.

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