Pop Ups Are Here to Stay: How a Temporary Store Concept Has Become Permanent

Take a moment to recall your first in-store shopping experience. What details come to mind?

Most of us vividly remember our first brick and mortar shopping experiences, and I enjoy asking this question when I first meet with a client. Someone may warmly recall an afternoon car ride with a grandparent to the local bakery or candy store, while someone else enjoys the memory of accompanying their stylish mother to her favorite boutique.

In-store shopping experiences stay with us because they engage our senses and reward us with gratification. When we see, smell, hear, then touch and feel desired products, or take time to indulge in selected services, we are making sensory connections. These connections build a brand relationship with preferred products or services. Now, if you are a web based business, independent brand, or a small business owner looking to build this brand relationship with new customers, but are not interested in a long-term commercial retail lease, consider opening a Pop Up Store.

Beginning as a traveling and temporary store concept in the 1990s, Pop Up retail is thriving and definitely here to stay. Pop Up stores serve many different purposes in business and are popular with consumers because they are exclusive, creative, informative, and highly social media driven. Clients seek me out to learn more about Pop Up retail and at Gustie we handle all details from concept to execution. If you are thinking of opening a Pop Up store, here are some key points to consider.

The strategy hurdle is a crucial step. Create your strategy and make sure everyone is clear on the details, then delegate and follow-up, often.

To coordinate all the details, it’s essential to put an expert team together. The important thing is to work with people that understand your goals and support your eorts.

In terms of design, keep things simple. You need a few display and seating pieces that make a bold statement and compliment the space so that it loses any generic look and feel. Upcycling (converting a useless product into a new product of better quality) should be part of your plan. Mirrors are a terriffic way to upcycle. LED uplighting to define and accentuate your displays and your product(s) in a warm and inviting manner works nicely, too.

If you plan to serve refreshments, continue the environmentally friendly approach and use glass pitchers with glasses and dishware or at the very least compostable cups and plates. It does cost a little more, but your customers will notice and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Also consider teaming with a non-profit to raise awareness, educate your customers and serve a good cause.

Your Pop Up store should be an enjoyable experience for you and your customers. Hold tight to this belief, work through the challenges, and smile. You are living your dream and finally do have your very own store!

At Gustie, we manage all aspects of your Pop Up store from concept to execution, including the integration of social media and multi-channel marketing campaigns. Learn more at gustiecreative.com and feel free to contact me to discuss a project you have in mind.

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