Peter Cohen Spring Summer 2022

Peter Cohen proposes an ease, calmness and comfort to the women he dresses.  His genius speaks through his quiet attention to details and appreciation for those wearing his designs.  He isn’t looking to be the star himself, or for the spotlight that often comes from such success within the fashion world.  Instead, he places the spotlight on you, the wearer.  “When I see a very well-dressed person, I don’t want to be overwhelmed.  The clothes have to be secondary,” mentions Peter.  In our store, we have always valued the voice of our clients – they want to speak for themselves, they don’t find it necessary to communicate entirely through the things they own or wear.

Peter’s designs are a reflection of our times without ever having an identifying cue to what year or when it was designed.  It’s through his striking silhouettes and luxury fabrications, not one of which bears his name anywhere on the clothing, that he is able to dress women so intuitively.  His fabrics against your skin give new meaning to mundane coffee runs.  The subtle power of his designs organically enhances the milestone events, experiences and memories that define our lives.  They are never a distraction to the larger stage.  Dressing in clothing from Peter Cohen reassures the wearer of their own confidence.  He wraps our women in a comfort that is both elegant and timeless.  “Sensuality is key to what I do. Clothes have to turn you on a little…to yourself.”

Whether it’s a bias cut elasticated trouser, flattering to all shapes and sizes, or a jacket meant to enhance any silhouette, there aren’t any hidden gimmicks.  There are no emblazoned logos, distracting ruffles or grommets.  The collective of his designs have defined a modern uniform.  His pieces mix easily with the wardrobe staples of today, the perfect jean, the casual sandal, the statement necklace, and makes what is commonplace truly magical.  The simplicity of his work is exactly what we need right now.  His staying power, and our 30 years of collaborating has proven that in fact it’s what we’ve always needed – to be turned on and into ourselves allowing space for the other things that matter most to you. His Los Angeles based atelier provides an experience more akin to those of Milan or Paris.

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