Kim & Alexandria Bolufé: Dynamic Mother/Daughter Duo

Their Journey from Business Partners to Celebrity Fashion Stylists

From rags to riches, Kim Bolufé’s story continues as she oh-so cleverly reinvents herself and compounds her success now with the addition of her daughter, Alexandria, into her high fashion business. To get the true story, we must rewind the clock to Kim’s upbringing as a child of strict Chinese parents who expected their children to become doctors or lawyers. Born in Hong Kong, Kim moved to the U.S. at the age of 4 and quickly learned the new language, adapted to the customs, and spent time following her mother around the sewing factories in New York City. She learned fast. By the age of 10, she had extensive knowledge about clothing details and delighted in looking at the dresses worn by celebrities on “the Red Carpet” at Hollywood galas. As a young adult, she creatively bought a $10 folding table, positioned herself by a subway entrance and sold unique clothing and jewelry that she had hand-made. After selling all of her goods each day, she would return every day, saving her money and growing closer to her vision of the American Dream. Her first brick and mortar store was in Mizner Park in Boca Raton almost 30 years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter, Alexandria. Kim had the foresight to recognize successful locations in addition to Mizner Park and she added 6 more stores. However, she found that she could not give the personalized attention to each customer that was her signature style. Kim has the innate ability to “dress both men and women” at a glance, immediately knowing their sizes and the best styles just for them. Today Kim is focused on her 2 stores, one on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach and now, going full circle with a new store back in Mizner Park, Boca Raton again. She still maintains her 30,000 -plus customers and still knows their styles and clothing sizes. They continue to fly from all around the world to be styled by her.

Now Kim has a new “secret weapon” that has led to even greater success: her daughter, Alexandria.

Two years ago, when COVID forced Kim to shutter her stores for months. She worried how to keep afloat since her expertise had been face to face contact with her customers for 27 years. With the demands of face masks and locked doors, Covid was hurting her retail business. Then Kim, with the help of her daughter partnering with her, creatively pivoted her business and added cyberspace to retail space. Ironically, just as Kim had learned from her mother, so has Alexandria. Kim said, “Just as I was at my mom’s hip at age 10, so Alexandria has been at my hip since she was 10.” Alexandria decided to leave her career in law and work in fashion with her mother, utilizing her tech skills to build a website. Kim said, “Who would have thought that 30 years later we would be back in Mizner Park as business partners. It proves that when one door closes an even bigger door opens.” During the slower work caused by COVID, Kim spent hours learning about social media. She now uses those social media skills to create live shows that promote her styling expertise. She said, “I have evolved into an expert in social media,” using technology to create dazzling ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Kim and Alexandria are now celebrity fashion stylists. They styled the dynamic reality TV show “Elevator Pitch” by Entrepreneur Magazine and are currently working on “Billion Dollar Showdown” in which they style the investors and celebrities. Kim has turned the lemons of COVID into sweet lemonade, or as she phrased it: “Our business has catapulted since COVID because we were forced to ­nd another way.” Celebrities and customers all over the world are now clamoring to have Kim and Alexandria style them. They will drive, fly or whatever it takes to get to the Bolufé Boutiques. Astonishingly, 50% of the clientele are men and 50% are women. Kim said, “They are successful and they want to wear clothing that is casual and chic, which represents their success. We style, ­lm and photo shoot them, both men and women, who delight in seeing their “before and after” transformations.” Years ago, the stars were the likes of Vanilla Ice, Aerosmith, Paula Abdul, David Copper­field, Montel Williams, the Wayan Brothers, Tanya Tucker and many more. But today’s stars are the business investors on reality shows such as Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, Kyle Cook of Summer House, Brad Woodgate of The No Sugar Company and Joyburst.

Together, Kim and Alexandria are best described as fashion dynamos, and now even starting on yet another platform, a mother-daughter podcast. Their goal is to give back by advising other women how to also rise from rags to riches. Kim said, “I can help them considering all the risks I have taken, my gut experience to make good moves, and all that I have learned on my journey.”

Kim and Alexandria have done 150+ live styling shows, all using authentic customers, not actors, who inevitably say that it was “an unforgettable experience.” On Facebook and Instagram (@BoluféBoutique), her thousands of followers look forward to her posts showing the weekly transformations. The videos are stunning, often beginning with a handsome man or woman in their normal, everyday clothes being personally transformed by Kim using her styling sense. She uses her innate ability to elevate their look and enhance their con­fidence. The next shots show the man adjusting the cuffs on an expensive looking shirt or on a striking modern-­fit suit, all set to exciting, pumping background music.

This is a huge success story and one that Kim describes as “always a mother’s dream, to pass on the legacy to her daughter who will carry the torch.” She added, “My belief is to never give up, to go with your gut, and to remember that there is no reward without risk.” Here’s a ­final tip: be sure to visit one of the “Bolufé Boutiques and add them on Facebook and Instagram — it promises to be the fashion experience of your life.

BOLUFÉ BOUTIQUE 326 E Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33483 561-266-3371 • BOLUFÉ BOUTIQUE 423 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432 561-609-2162 •

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