Jessica Lochiatto of Gypsy Rose Salon

It’s very important to me to do my own thing.” Those are the words of Jessica Lochiatto, beautiful, vibrant, independent hairdresser, and owner of Gypsy Rose Salon in Boca Raton. Though she doesn’t look old enough to pass the milestone, Jessica has had more than twenty years of experience as a hair stylist and colorist in the Boca area. Now she is pleased to have carried out her wish to open her own salon, and decorate and run it as she wishes. The decor is perky and feminine with a snazzy large pink neon salon name sign on the front wall and zingy, soft black and white frills on the wall paper. It’s all contemporary, soft, and welcoming from the first step inside the salon.

“When I had my daughter a few years ago,” Jessica said, “I could have retired but my work is too much fun.” Open for ten months in this location, her enthusiasm has resulted in a huge following of customers. “We’re booked and beyond booked,” she raved in her quiet yet thrilled way. Gypsy Rose Salon has five employees plus Jessica. All are stylists, needed to handle the burgeoning and flourishing business, but only Jessica and one other are colorists, and only one, Tara, specializes in hair color corrections and hair extensions. Tara is an expert in “N.B.R.” (Natural Beaded Row) hair extensions, the most natural, light-weight and least damaging method. Tara learned the process in Laguna Beach, California where it may have originated. In addition, the hair used in extensions is top quality that comes from Europe. It is ‘harvested’ or grown by women with the specific goal of selling it for hundreds to thousands of dollars to be used for hair extensions and wigs.

As we speak about long, beautiful, shiny hair, Jessica, without realizing it, is her own best sales person. She unclips her hair from a casual updo and it tumbles down endlessly in an exquisite ballet of shiny brown movement and waves. Coincidentally at the same moment, and also not realizing it, she says, “I want women to be able to come here and let their hair down.”

Jessica Lochiatto has created a beauty sanctuary that is relaxed and informal. “No snobbishness here,” she said emphatically. “I have upscale skills and products but not attitude.” She is real and very sincere. She is posh without being garish. And she steers clear of any touch of Boca’s stereotypical haughtiness or arrogance.

Always staying positive, Jessica remarks on how proud she is of the true “Girl Power” in her salon. “I love the creativity and camaraderie. On Saturdays, I bring in Champagne and bagels. We are true friends in here,” much like the appeal of the very loyal friendships of the four women in the popular TV show “Sex & The City.”

Jessica loves to “talk hair” and keeps up with all-things-hair including, of course, color trends today. “I like the blue and pink hair on young girls but not so much on the over-40. There’s a time and age for it,” she explained. She feels the trends will evolve in coming years from urban areas, the big cities, and looks will be more futuristic and asymmetrical.

Jessica is devoted to her family. She named the salon after her mother “Rose.” She has been happily married for 13 years, and delights in her young daughter. She is also ultra-proud of the success of her salon. Jessica handpicks and somewhat ‘auditions” her staff before having them come on board. It is so vital to her that her customers be treated right that she answers every phone call herself at the salon, bent on making sure that customers are given the most personal service and white glove treatment.

“We’ve worked very hard to get where we are,” Jessica said, and “God Bless America.”

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