Hi-Five Sports Zone

The Tuchman Family’s innovative franchising concept fulfills the need for a better youth sports experience.

Did you know that according to the 2021 Census, almost 18% of Boca Raton’s population were under the age of 18? That’s almost 2,000 kids looking for things to do when not in school. The CEO/Founder of Hi-Five Sports Franchising, Ryan Tuchman, moved his corporate HQ to Boca a few years ago and has the solution for keeping kids active and entertained: Hi-Five Sports Zone. In the 1980’s Ryan’s father who worked at the Board of Trade in Chicago, but was dissatisfied with the way youth sports were being run while he was a volunteer coach. Ryan explained that his father, Marv, had his “a-ha moment” when Ryan’s younger brother, Danny, was just starting to play sports in 1990 and Marv started a local north shore business called ‘Hi-Five Sports.” Ryan worked with his father part-time throughout high school and when he was home from college. Then Ryan moved to New York City and became involved with advertising and starting sales departments for a few technology start-ups. In 2007, after starting a family, Ryan altered his goals, left the corporate world and moved back to Chicago. Now that he had children of his own, it became clear that his father had the right idea in seeing that there was a need for a better youth sports experience

Fast-forward to 2011, and Ryan opened Hi-Five Sports Zone location in Scottsdale, Arizona as a partnership, as well as opening a corporate location in Silicon Valley (Menlo Park, California.) This area of California was filled with tech businesses and many families with children. These families were thrilled to have a safe location for their children to run, play and try new sports, which was a kid’s dream come true. The California business was booming so Ryan chose to move his family to Silicon Valley to further grow the brand.

The move to California helped him perfect the new brick and mortar concept called the Hi-Five Sports Zone. The Zone housed innovative programs centered in a facility that was custom-built for children to play various team sports indoors, as well as becoming the most unique birthday party destination. It is a brilliant concept that provides a fun opportunity for young people to learn life-long skills such as becoming a team player and developing confidence all while making new friends. The coaches in “The Zone” are carefully chosen to act as positive role models for the children. Ryan launched the Franchise concept in late 2015 while in California and today the brand has 17 locations. It is growing bigger every year, with a current focus now in the southeast.

Ryan continues to work with his talented team, and most importantly his brother, Danny. They ensure that all locations succeed, much like those that their father, who, ahead of his time, had started years ago in 1990. Ryan’s inventiveness has resulted in the creation of ingenious reward systems for the kids. He created a coin that had a cartoon image of his bulldog named “Murphy.” For their accomplishments, kids can earn “Murphy” coins which may be redeemed for prizes that are alluringly displayed in large glass cases at “The Murphy Mart” in every Hi-Five Sports Zone facility. Ryan explained that this reward system emphasizes the core values of Family, Friendship, Loyalty, Teamwork, Respect, Leadership and Sportsmanship. These words are written on the walls of all Hi-Five Sports Zone locations.

For more information about opening a franchise in South Florida, visit: www.hifivefranchise.com

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