Fifty States Vodka is Now Available in Every Total Wine In Florida

Founders of Fifty States Vodka, The Liberati Family announced this week that every Total Wine in the state of Florida is carrying their product, “Fifty States Vodka.”

The family stated, “We are thrilled to be a part of Total Wine, since our brand has been on their shelves, our sales have skyrocketed.”

Fifty States is a premium Vodka that is 6 times distilled in Florida, blended out of sweet Non-GMO corn making it gluten-free. Ingredients come from local farmers around the states. The brand is 100% locally produced and manufactured in the United States which the company prides itself on.  “From box to cork to glass to the fill, we source from only the best United States manufacturers to stand behind our brand” Liberati stated. This brand is built on patriotism and strives to depict the message of unity, which ties into their motto, “United We Drink.”

Besides the packaging of the product, Fifty States made sure to create an undeniably smooth formula. The smooth finish is what has consumers coming back for more. They take on every batch created.

Fifty States Vodka is making headway on becoming not only a name in the spirit market but a household name brand. “When you purchase a bottle of Fifty States Vodka, we want you to feel like you are a part of our family,” the Liberati’s state.

This award-winning designed bottle is sure to stand out on any shelf. The family made sure that when consumers enter a store, they would be sure to never question where this product was made, as the bottle screams “AMERICA.”

“Getting into Total Wine was a huge accomplishment, and we value the relationship we have built with them,” the family states. The Liberati’s feel they have just scratched the surface on where they want to be and what they know this brand is capable of.



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