Clear the Clutter … Clear The Mind

David Hall is the Chief Clutter Clearing Officer at A+ Clutter Clearing. He has been organizing, decluttering, and designing interior and exterior spaces for 15 years. David explains that everyone has what he calls “TMS” or too much stuff. Mr. Hall specializes in providing relief from the chaos and anxiety that clutter causes. He has created a successful and motivating method for arranging possessions that positively impacts the lives of his clients in a genial and reassuring manner.

David’s practice is explicitly designed to allow people to live their lives in a confident, optimistic, and purpose-driven way. He said that his “clutter clearing technique eliminates unwanted, unused, and under-appreciated possessions that weigh people down and holds them back from achieving what they truly want and desire.”

David suggests that people with clutter fall into one of two psychological profiles. The first type is the “retail therapy” shopper, and the second type is the “up and coming artist.” The former tends to be more affluent, finding comfort in the rituals of shopping. The latter tends to be more creative and collects items they envision will be useful in a future project.

David uses a clutter clearing system that involves feng shui, spatial relations, and compassion for the collector that he calls “S.M.A.R.T.” The acronym stands for start simply, mindset, action, reuse-repurpose- recycle, and transformation. The process is mastered by following the steps. He recommends that when people begin to declutter, they begin with a drawer, a closet, or other manageable area. This eliminates feeling overwhelmed, provides an opportunity for success, and encourages the person to tackle the next space. Next, to lessen anxiety prior to beginning the sorting process, he advises his clients to dress comfortably, put on mood music, and get a glass of their favorite beverage.

Once the space to be organized has been identified and the mood has been set, he advises that specific supplies be gathered. These items include cleaning supplies and colored garbage bags. Black trash bags can be used for discards and white trash bags for items you wish to recycle. After the items have been sorted, consider gifting to friends or family members or repurposing. The outcome of David’s system is transformation. When the individual has been able to let go of unneeded possessions, they experience a feeling of control, an appreciation for the objects they have, and a greater sense of peace in their space, culminating in a sense of happiness.

To learn more about A+ Clutter Clearing, helpful hacks, or to book an appointment with Mr. Hall logon to or call 561-706-7779

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