Beauty and Smile: Be the Most Glamorous version of Yourself with the Right Products

Almost everyone has thoughts about some sort of hair issue they have: too thin, too straight, too curly, too plain in color, etc. Meet Miranda, a kind, talented and professional wizard at fixing whatever bothers you about your hair (and teeth, but we’ll address that later.) Miranda has always believed in HEALTHY choices first and she carries that philosophy into her business. She has a well-designed and spacious store in the Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs in which she oers these services: a hair salon, a teeth-whitening studio, make-up application and wig ttings of an array of contemporary styles. All of the products she sells in each of these categories are top-of-the line and plant-based.

You won’t miss Miranda’s attractive and eye-catching storefront as you browse around the mall. The bright, alluring decor beckons you to enter. You can’t miss the large wall full of impressive blooming red flowers in the teeth-whitening area. The salon and make-up areas are more toward the back of the store for customer privacy since some clients come to her with varying problems. For skin issues, Miranda said, “I want to edify more women; My mission is to help them alleviate cancer and other skin conditions. I only use safe products.” Similarly, she gives great attention to having a varied collection of high quality wigs since her clients are often dealing with alopecia, chemotherapy or radiation which can cause patchy or complete baldness. Miranda said, “I have a big heart and I want to help people.” Miranda believes a woman can be beautiful and confident even if she has hair loss. She continued, “I believe that using brands of healthy products as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle results in the best version of yourself. I want everyone to leave here with a smile.”

The success of Miranda’s large 1,500 sq. ft. store has given her the desire to grow and expand even more. Her goal is to partner with local hospitals, and she oers an open invitation to them. She also envisions having “Beauty and Smile” stores in every state of the country. She said the corporation makes it “easy” since “everything is already set up” for new franchisees. The new owners are given the layout and the start-up products that are all American made and fairly priced. Miranda explained that “beauty in the health field is the #1 revenue in the world. First health, then beauty.”

Wig sales is a billion dollar market and the “Beauty and Smile” store finds that most customers are from about age 15 to about 75. One entire wall at the store displays luxury wigs with hair of all lengths, styles and colors (ginger, red, blonde and highlights being the biggest sellers.) Customers come from a wide demographic market that includes celebrities and transgenders. MIranda said, “Some are just seeking a different look while others come for cosmetic reasons. I give away free wigs to those with health issues who need them but cannot afford them. I also donate to BRCA, a company named for the BRCA gene that may mutate and cause breast cancer.”

Miranda doesn’t stop there. She sells “healthy” toothpaste that is also plant-based and oers organic charcoal therapy for teeth whitening. The products are eective, aordable and easy to use. The whitening procedures also include use of a UV light, a gentle bleaching agent and essential oils. The organic charcoal comes in various pleasant flavors such as mint and strawberry. Miranda’s success story began with her vision of selling healthy plant-based products from two kiosks in the mall. Those sales led to her store ownership six months later.

Miranda praises her family, specifically her husband and biggest supporter behind the scenes, Joseph Walker, who is also the CFO of the company. She is also grateful to her mom, Yvonne Wynn, who works closely with her in the store. Along with her family, Miranda credits her whirlwind accomplishment to her foundation of faith and to her consistency in always conducting her business in the spirit of excellence.

Beauty and Smile 9557 W. Atlantic Blvd., Coral Springs, FL 33071
Located in The Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs
Phone: 754-251-9452

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