Acorn Errand Services: Making Life Easier for Seniors & the Disabled

First and foremost, Acorn Errand Services focuses on making life easier for seniors and the disabled. There are two ways to become involved with this company: you can hire an Acorn Helper to help you or a family member, or you can become an Acorn Helper. After working in other successful businesses, owner Nikki Connors explained how she started Acorn Errand Services:”I always wanted to have a ‘helping hand’ business, she said. Her inspiration have began thanks to her own devotion to her 92-year-old mother.

After devoting more than a decade to her mother’s care which included late night calls from nurses at the Assisted Living facility for such minor needs as replacement batteries for a hearing aid. Nikki began thinking about the many vulnerable people that are out there without the help of a loved one. She saw that others acting as caretakers were experiencing difficulties with aging parents. She recognized a need and it inspired her to create a business. “I always had the passion and desire to help others, with a goal of being an entrepreneur at the same time,” Nikki explained.

Once Nikki was able to settle her mom for the 4th time in a comfortable Assisted Living facility and knew she was in good care, she focused on continuing to pursue her passion to help others and to build her company. She had the right background education and had earned three degrees from accredited universities in the United States. She was an Honor Student with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a minor in Sociology from FAU. After that she earned her Master’s degree in Social Psycho-therapy from Barry University. When she had fi­rst applied to a highly intensive Master’s degree program that was to be completed in 2 years of study, she was 1 of the 6 accepted from the 14 who had applied from across the U.S. to ­finish the program in less than a year. Upon completion, she decided to ­find a way to apply her hard-earned education. Then she sought out “one of the best business consultants in the U.S.” who had started 52 businesses. Together they designed a Business Plan. Nikki said, “I hope to be his 53rd successful creation.”

Nikki reached her goal when in 2020 she started Acorn Errand Services, an Ecommerce business with a proven system that uses several social medias. She hit upon the unique and novel idea to target a specifi­c demographic. “Nobody in the U.S.,” Nikki explained, “had services to this extent, offered only to seniors and the disabled. With Acorn Services, even young people with disabilities or living with grandparents can now ­nd an Acorn Helper to assist.”

Acorn Helpers must meet certain criteria to be hired. They must be of legal age, get screened to verify their identity and they must have a driver’s license. In the initial hiring process, they must create a pro­le and then they are matched with someone looking for a service provider. The company at the moment offers 5 categories of services, such as Transportation, Household Chores, Errands & Deliveries, Cleaning Services, Medicine Pick up or Drop off, Grocery Shopping and assistance with Personal Hygiene.

Hiring a Helper from Acorn Errand Services is easy, requiring no sign-up fees, no subscriptions, and no monthly fees. As a result, Acorn has been growing and drawing a lot of attention. Nikki foresees franchises developing in other states and eventually nationwide so that no one would miss out on the opportunity. She is proud of her success and grateful to the good people she has met in America “who opened their arms to me with a big smile,” she said. Her objective is to set an example for other immigrants, for women, and for her children. Nikki said. “I believe in paying it forward.”

Nikki Connors 561-528-7868

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