A Passion For Hair

Hair Crush is a lovely little hair boutique in Boca’s Royal Palm Plaza. But it’s not a salon. It’s a studio devoted exclusively to human hair wigs and extensions, and their care.

Founder and CEO Graziela Slaine is passionate about hair, as one can see from her own healthy, dark mane. “Beautiful hair adds to a woman’s confidence. It is her crown,” says Graziela. “When I was young I wanted long hair but my mother always cut my hair short. In my twenties I grew it long, but ruined it with chemicals when I tried to straighten it, and had to start over,” she notes.

The stylish wigs at Hair Crush feature hair from some of the most exotic locations in the world: India, Indonesia, and China, as well as from Brazil and Italy. (Graziela is Brazilian and Italian.) Graziela is confident that the hair she sells is the most beautiful in the world and it is handled with TLC in every step of the process. She even exports hair to Argentina, Canada, and Africa.

The first step is scouting, purchasing, and cutting the luxurious locks. Her team then dedicates hours to each unit of hair, shampooing and conditioning with antibacterial products, and treating the hair with her own line of organic, cruelty-free, sulfate-free luxury hair masks and oils made in the U.S.A. Coloring and styling is done in-house at Hair Crush, so wigs can be re-shaped with layering, or bangs can be cut.

About 50 percent of Hair Crush clients include women undergoing cancer treatments and those struggling with alopecia (a hair loss disorder). Women can come in before starting chemotherapy and have a wig made that is a replica of their hairstyle so no one need know about their hair loss. “We can customize a lace front wig in one day,” says Graziela. For a full lace wig it takes 30 days to thread the hair through the netting. These wigs are very lightweight, by the way, so wearing them is not the same as wearing the heavier synthetic wigs where the base can be rough and itchy.

The other 50 percent of clients are fashionistas, dancers and others who have jobs that depend on their appearance, and people who want to spice up the bedroom. “Men come in here with their wives sometimes to choose a different look,” says Graziela.

If there’s still any taboo around wearing a wig, or changing up your look with different hair colors and styles, there shouldn’t be. Every celebrity and model uses wigs to maintain their appearance. Graziela travels with three styles—straight, curly, and a ponytail—so she can play all day and not worry about her hair, but still look polished.

The website, haircrush247.com, shows over 50 wig styles, ranging in price from about $550 to $3,800. You can take the bundles to your own stylist if you want them sewn into your hair. There is also a “unicorn” collection of vibrant colors from deep pink to turquoise. But there is nothing like trying on the wigs in person, which is addictive. Bring a friend to help you choose one and odds are you will both fall in love with a new look and each leave with the first of several wigs you will want in your repertoire.

307 SE Mizner Blvd #63, Boca Raton, FL 33432 • 561-221-8252 • www.Haircrush247.com