6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

It’s baby shower season! Check out the 6 must-have gifts below that will spoil new moms and baby, too! From awesome products that include the ONLY breast pump covered by insurance, stuff to help the new mom with her self care to adorable baby outfits, accessories and more!

1. Good Stuff Botanicals’ Gypsy Cream (Starting at $29.99, available at)

This Gypsy Cream will be life changing for new moms and should definitely be on your baby shower gift list! The Gypsy Cream, dubbed a “magic miracle treatment”, has a super-soothing, nourishing formula that is effective for a long list of common skin issues including diaper rash. It’s so effective and gentle even hospitals use it for newborn babies! You’ll for sure make the expectant mother’s life easier with this awesome cream! PLUS – she can enjoy it for herself!

Learn more at thegoodstuffbotanicals.com

2. Hygeia (Insurance Covered, available at hygeiahealth.com)

When it comes to helping moms breastfeed their babies, Hygeia Health is setting a new standard of care with the launch of their ALL NEW insurance-covered, breast pump! It’s the ONLY breast pump covered by insurance! The Hygeia Evolve is a hospital strength breast pump that’s thought of everything from its cordless design that fits in the palm of your hand to its full-service Hygeia Baby app that offers tips on breastfeeding, baby tracking, and even NO COST virtual breastfeeding consultations with lactation experts for eligible moms. This will be a life changing gift for the new mom! Learn more at hygeiahealth.com.

3. PatPat Baby Gear (Starting at $3, available at patpat.com)

PatPat is your one stop shop for everything and anything an expectant mother will need and at affordable prices! It’s the perfect place to go for baby shower gifts. Between pacifiers, bibs, adorable outfits, diaper bags, swaddle blankets, & products to baby proof your home – they have it all! You can even download their app (IOS or Android) for easy-to-access shopping.

Learn more at patpat.com.

4. Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Watchers (Starting at $4.99, available on mouthwatchers.com & Amazon)

Taking time for your personal health is SO important when you’re a new mom but finding the time for that can be challenging. With Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Watchers, the new mom will be able to take care of her teeth easily and quickly while eliminating all the yucky germs in her mouth! Dr. Plotka’s is a unique toothbrush with long, soft, floss-like bristles that are 10X thinner than other bristles and reach between teeth, under the gum-line, and deep into the grooves where 95% of cavities form. PLUS, this brush is infused with silver to naturally eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi on your brush. And it comes in kid sizes, too!

Learn more at www.mouthwatchers.com.

5. Malicious Women Candle Co ($20, available on maliciouswomenco.com)

Looking for a baby shower gift just for the new mom to enjoy? Maybe even something to make her smile (or laugh)?! Then check out Malicious Women Candle Co. and they’re hilarious line of mom themed candles! Each candle has a hilarious name and then a certain scent to go with the theme. For example, “Don’t Make Me Use My Mom Voice” is infused with “your last warning” and the scent is “pear and ivy”. How cute is that?!

Learn more at maliciouswomenco.com.

6. Honeydew Sleep ($99, available at honeydewsleep.com)

Any parent knows how precious sleep is when you have a new baby, and Honeydew Sleep will help the expectant mom have an amazing night sleep! Their Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow will ensure mom gets the best sleep ever with its unique curve and shoulder cut out that supports her neck and shoulder, while also reducing strain on her upper body. The new mom in your life will LOVE this product and thank you for the incredible nights rest she’ll get!

Learn more at honeydewsleep.com.

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