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What exactly is a “Life Coach”? Jennifer Alembik, CPC, ELIMP, can easily explain. She epitomizes the definition of the job as she guides and inspires, empowering her clients to maximize their potential. “Coaching is not therapy,” she explained. “We are not therapists. Generally, therapy is problem focused, whereas coaching is more solution focused.”

Jennifer gave a perfect example when she described that sometimes people get “stuck” and are unable to move forward, whether it be the job, the relationship,
or family issues. “It’s my job to elicit client generated solutions and strategies and hold them responsible and accountable to them.” When seeking support, people come with all sorts of “internal gremlins.” She was referring to that critical inner voice that whispers, “I’m not good enough, I’m not educated enough, I don’t have enough experience, etc.” It holds people back from taking a risk and “stepping out of their comfort zones.”

Jennifer or Jenny, as she prefers, calls herself “The Gap Closer.” She takes people from knowing better to doing better. She is all about the action! She asks her clients to adopt a couple of disciplines to be incorporated into their daily routine to help root the transformation that’s going to take place. Jenny explained that “old patterns and thought processes take time to change. It is imperative to be present to our thoughts and emotions throughout the day so we can begin to break the old cycle of thought patterns and behaviors. By practicing these daily disciplines, it allows space for that to happen.”

“Most of us know what we need to change but we stay paralyzed by fear,” she said. Since Jenny came through her own personal struggles, she knows that her life experiences have shaped her, believing that anyone can achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves. Jenny said, “Life doesn’t happen to us. It happens for us. It’s a journey filled with love, loss, pain, fun, success, disappointment, joy, etc. All of these life passages are here to mold us into the person we are meant to be, but some of us get lost along the way and forget how amazing we are and how much we have to offer.”

Compassionate, a deep listener and having a passion to help others has made Jenny one who understands that “we are all a work in progress.” In her mid-forties, Jenny found herself in a mid-life crisis. She was overweight, in an unhealthy marriage and stressed from being an at-home mother raising her three children. While going through her tumultuous divorce, a Life Coach was recommended. This experience was so powerful and beneficial for her, that Jenny felt she would be a natural in the same field. Although she does have an MBA degree, she pursued an intensive year long program‡and‡became qualified as a “C.P.C.”, Certified Professional Coach.

Jenny’s procedure encompasses approximately two preliminary discussions with a potential client, each about an hour long. Following these complimentary consultations, if it seems “like a good fit,” the client may purchase a 3-month, 6-month or 9-month package depending on their needs and desire for growth. Her training teaches that the client has all the answers but often lacks the tools and discipline to achieve their goals.

Jenny has an acute ability to hear what the client sometimes cannot verbalize; it’s a skill that cannot be taught, but one she possesses with humility. Her calming voice and nurturing way intertwined with a tough love approach is what sets her apart and keeps her clients coming back. On being productive and transforming outside of one’s comfort zone, Jenny quoted Robin Sharma, a Canadian motivational speaker and writer on topics such as leadership, stress management and spirituality: “Don’t become a card-carrying member of mediocrity.”

Jennifer Alembik has the talent and ability to move you forward toward success. She said, “I provoke them into thinking in a new paradigm and when one changes their perception, they change their life.” She concluded, “My favorite part of being a Professional Coach is awakening my clients to how awesome they are.”