What’s Your Peace Of Mind Worth?

Adam Kornfeld has played many roles throughout his varied career. He attained a JD- MBA (dual degrees, in Law and in Business) after which he worked for the largest Wall Street law firms and Investment banks executing mergers and acquisitions and complex securities transactions before moving to Florida in 2002 to pursue multiple large high rise real estate developments in Miami and Palm Beach. Along that path Adam and his father, Stephen Kornfeld, partnered with iconic industry veterans as well as one of New York’s well known Private Equity firms to purchase multiple large specialty subcontracting companies in both New York and South Florida that performed work on projects ranging from the largest environmental waste water treatment plants in New York, the construction of the Freedom Tower in New York City post 9/11, to the largest condominium towers in downtown Miami, to the construction of the Miami Marlins Stadium.

With his background of buying, managing, growing and selling multiple contracting concerns, Adam’s most recent venture was the purchase of Alpha Impact Windows & Doors in Pompano Beach. “I am now in the business of providing peace of mind and energy efficiency to South Floridians and beyond,” says Adam. Alpha Impact Windows & Doors has been one of South Florida’s premier specialists in impact products since it was started 10 years ago by Moche “Danny” Hazout who has worked in the glass industry for over 25 years. With Adam now at the helm and Danny’s continued operations expertise, Alpha is servicing all sectors of the South Florida fenestration market from single family home retrofits to large new residential and commercial construction projects. “The industry has seen continued growth with increasing building code requirements calling for impact resistant products, new innovations coming to market, as well as the continued focus on energy efficiency” says Danny.

“The market at large often equates impact products with hurricane protection, which is one of the obvious benefits, but the advantages our products provide are far greater than just storm preparedness,” Adam said. Impact resistant windows and doors provide an even greater benefit, one that money can’t buy: PEACE OF MIND. Adam showed us a large sample window that had multiple cracks and dents in it. “This window was hit with multiple shotgun blasts and even a sledge hammer – but as you can see it was not penetrated.” He added, “this kind of protection is designed to withstand flying objects during high category storms, but besides the obvious storm protection it also allows you to sleep better at night knowing that you and your family are fully protected from any outside elements including potential intruders to your home.”

Impact windows also provide 100% noise reduction from the outside elements, achieve full energy efficiency resulting in significantly lower electric bills, allow the homeowner to enjoy a significant discount in the homeowner’s insurance policy and increase the value of the home. “It is a no-brainer in so many respects – in the not too distant future, non-impact products will be a thing of the past,” Adam predicts.

With the wide variety of choices that can be found in Alpha’s state of the art showroom and extensive knowledge of all of the important details that need to be in place before actual installation, homeowners understand the advantages of choosing an industry leader like Alpha Impact Windows & Doors. A wider range of products, better customer service and warranties, and positive overall experience make this the best place to go to get a job done well.

Alpha’s typical residential projects are in the tens of thousands of dollars for single family home retrofits and can be in the millions of dollars for new commercial installations. Jobs move along swiftly thanks to a staff of 10 in the office working on production, estimates, scheduling, accounting and marketing, 3 in the warehouse and up to 10 installation crews.

Adam’s timing in entering the industry could not have been more spot on. Just 4 months after the acquisition Florida had the near miss of Hurricane Matthew which really reminded South Florida area residents about the hysteria and risks involved with getting shutters up as a storm approaches. In fact more injuries are sustained by people installing their shutters than are incurred by the storms themselves! The Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) has already predicted that the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season will be the most dangerous in 12 years – with the potential for 6 named storms making U.S. landfalls.

Finally, new developments in government-provided financing have significantly opened markets for impact retrofits that were not a possibility in the past. The PACE financing program, which originated in California with Solar projects, is now approved throughout all of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a way for property owners in subscribed communities to finance energy efficient and wind-resistant improvements to their homes through an increase in their ad valorem property taxes that can be amortized over as many as 20 years (while even offering a possible federal income tax deduction). The cost of the project stays with the house upon a sale through the continued payment of the tax assessment. It’s a win-win situation for the counties, for the building businesses, and for the homeowners. Alpha is a proud partner with the YGRENE Energy Fund, one of the approved PACE administrators, which has completed over $2 Billion in PACE projects since inception. “PACE is an absolute game changer for the industry,” Adam said. “The growth we are already seeing as a result of PACE availability is enormous and the market at large is just now becoming educated about its availability.”

Alpha is also adding more products and services to its company, most recently with the launch of Alpha Premier Interiors which specializes in custom interior sliding glass doors and panels, frameless shower and bath enclosures and complete commercial interior buildouts. “We could not be more excited about all of these new developments. I hope to double or triple the size of this business in short order,” he said, “by implementing best practices.”

Visit AlphaImpactWindows.com and AlphaPremierInteriors.com for full details of Alpha’s products and services.