The Architect of Better Patient Care

Jeff Philipp believes that a community without an independent pharmacy is worse o than a neighborhood with one. He came to this conclusion while serving on the Board of Directors of the Lake Worth, Florida-based company Pharmacy Development Services (PDS). Founded in 1998, by independent pharmacist Dan Benamoz RPh, the company’s mission is to ensure that the independent pharmacy industry thrives by working directly with owners and their staff to teach them to build better businesses, provide better patient care, be better leaders, and increase pro†ts.

Philipp, who was hand-selected by Benamoz to run the company in early 2017, serves as the organization’s Chief Executive Officer. His mission is straightforward
and he explains, “I want to debunk the myth that a patient will receive similar care and spend less money on prescriptions at a bigger chain than at an independent pharmacy.”

An Iowa native and an architect by training, Philipp is a definitive maverick. He realized, early on in his career, that his love of systems and problem solving were
better suited to a profession that involved technology. To that end, he left architecture and he began a career in Information Technology. Over time, he worked his way up the corporate ladder, filling important executive roles at a Fortune 500 company. His achievements were noteworthy— at one point, he led an organization of over 500 people and he was responsible for $124 million in revenue.

In 2004, he realized that he was happier, and had more impact, while he was working at smaller companies. He found his next challenge when he became the
Chief Operating Officer of Blue Fish Development Group, an Austin, Texas-based software development company that builds e-commerce websites. In 2011, he
took over as Chief Executive Officer of Blue Fish. Under his leadership, the company grew significantly and he was credited with stabilizing and rebranding the
firm after the great recession.

For Philipp, PDS represents a rare opportunity to align with a business that “is doing good in the world.” Furthermore, he takes pride in the fact that he
is using his knowledge to build PDS into a world-class provider of consulting services for independent pharmacy owners. Philipp is bullish on the PDS business and he is especially optimistic about the company’s growth potential. He also believes that the current healthcare landscape provides the perfect opportunity for his company to have a huge impact on the pharmacy industry.

According to Philipp, there are approximately 22,000 independent pharmacies across the nation. Unfortunately, the majority of these pharmacies are owned
by pharmacists, who have years of high quality pharmacy education, but little to no training in how to successfully operate a business. Simultaneously, many
independent pharmacies are now being acquired by large chains, or are being shuttered at an alarming rate, and both of these things are detrimental to patients
and our healthcare system. Philipp states, “Many independent pharmacy owners opened shop, after having left the bigger chains, because they were frustrated with a system that values transactions over patient care. An independent pharmacist is naturally suited to be more involved with both the patient
and their physician and is more adept at collaborating. This collaboration creates an alliance that is designed to determine the best treatments for the best patient
outcome. PDS client pharmacies have the knowledge, skills and capacity to collaborate with physicians to identify the best products and therapies available—that
the patients’ insurance companies will pay for—and to provide optimum wellness.”

Another perk, of the PDS program, is the fact that it teaches pharmacy owners how to be more profitable, so that they can invest in their patients, employees
and in their communities. Philipp says his long-term goals involve enrolling the majority of American independent pharmacies in the PDS system and creating an
environment where all patients can experience– first-hand–the rewards of care delivered via the patient-centric model that independent pharmacies provide.

He, and his team, are working towards bringing better patient care to cities and towns across America by helping the independent pharmacists to thrive. Pharmacy clients partner with PDS Business Coaches, Performance Specialists, and Subject Matter Experts, who deliver programs, education, training, tools, and technology, that allow the pharmacy owners to be better leaders, build a great team and become more profitable, and thus, provide better patient care.

Philipp lives in Palm Beach Gardens,
Florida, with his wife, Tammy; their greyhound,
Siggie; and their horse Siphon. Jeff
is an avid motorcyclist and also enjoys
farm and ranch life, as the couple enjoys
time on their properties in Iowa and Texas.