Solar Done Right

Cross Atlantic Solar lives up to its motto, “Solar Done Right.” “Everyone wants to be in the solar business,“ said Mark Langley, Managing Director of CAS. However there are many reasons that set Cross Atlantic Solar above and beyond all the rest. The company doesn’t cut corners. It pays for Workman’s Comp for all of their technicians so his clients will never be forced to pay if there is an injury on an installation job. Cross Atlantic also has all the proper state licenses and uses all high quality L.G. solar panels, a widely used and recognized brand that is warranted for 25 years.

Mark said, with the new Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credits and by providing the vitally important Workman’s Comp, “we have all the ingredients for success.” With incentives like the 30% Solar Tax Credit and the rebates, those who change to solar see an astounding reduction in monthly electric bills. Mark said, “One client thought it was an error when his bill went from $300 a month to under $10.”

Mark will proudly show you around his 10,000 square foot facility located on 10th Street in Deerfield Beach which is updated with all new floors, new paint and state-of the-art products. “We’re near the major highways, in a great location and we’re not hiding,” he said. He pointed out that the company cars are BMWs from Braman BMW West Palm Beach and they are electric. Cross Atlantic Solar is an environmentally-oriented business so it is only natural to want to help the ecosystem by saving on use of fossil fuels. Mark chooses electric automobiles for both personal and business use.

Another advancement, CAS’s Design Center, uses a sophisticated system in which a drone’s photos can show customers how the solar panels will look on their own homes. A CRM tool puts satellite pictures of their own homes up on a screen and then puts the image of the solar panels on the roof of the home. This can be done at the state-of-the-art Design Center on in the convenience of the client’s home. Operations Manager, Matt Lowy, in the industry for 8 years, has the expertise and technical know-how to show the client a computer design of exactly how the solar unit will look on his particular house before the project is started.

In the 1980’s, Mark Langley was working in the awning business. A friend noted Mark’s sales acumen and encouraged him to partner in a solar heated pool company. Mark said proudly, “I was in solar before solar was even in vogue.” His company, Cross Atlantic Solar, has now joined in a perfect marriage with Cross Atlantic Builders, a development company that builds posh high rises in Sunny Isles, Florida. Tim Lobanov is partners in the company with noted celebrity athlete, Darius Kasparaitis who was an Olympic Gold Medal winner in hockey. Born in Lithuania, Kasparaitis has played for U.S. teams such as the Pittsburgh Penguins and The New York Rangers, he has now retired from hockey and devotes his efforts to Verzasca Group. He explained how solar is being used in his current projects in Miami, in LeJardin and Aurora. These buildings have unique features such as a private elevator in each unit, indoor and outdoor children’s playrooms, a large exercise facility, and, solar hot water as well as solar electricity.

Cross Atlantic Solar has grown and continues to expand with projects on homes, clubhouses, commercial proper- ties, hotels and bed & breakfasts, even carports. CAS is a state licensed general/ solar electric contractor that covers Key West to Jacksonville. “Soon we’ll be statewide,” Mark said. CAS has 19 full time employees all with high levels of education and experience. Cross Atlantic Solar has a complete permit department managed by Melissa DeForest, the Permit Coordinator. CAS makes it possible to “turn a permit” within a month which makes the installation process quicker than other companies. Matt Lowy works on pricing, rebates, and materials in order to show clients the ROI (Return on Investment) over a period of 6.5 years. Marcia Kopko, in Business Development keeps the com- pany in the forefront by its membership in various Chambers of Commerce (Boca, Delray and Deerfield) and presence in social media platforms.

More and more Americans are seeing the advantages and solar energy is on the rise. As it becomes more accessible and affordable, it has become more commonplace. Considering the prospect of hurricanes here, residents have realized just how dependent we have become on electricity. Mark foresees a future of solar energy battery storage systems to backup electricity so that eventually no generators will be needed. With so many considering solar now, Mark reiterated Cross Atlantic’s motto: “If you’re looking for Solar Done Right: that’s definitely us here at Cross Atlantic Solar.”

Cross Atlantic Solar
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