Skin Spring Cleaning

Stars like Madonna, Kate Winslet, Eva Mendes and Beyoncé swear by it: The HydraFacial is an internationally recognized method of gentle skin removal. The facial is considered the stars’ most popular wonder weapon in the ght against wrinkles, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and a pale complexion. Dead cells are com- pletely removed with the help of a special Hydra Facial device, so that a completely new set of cells on the skin’s surface comes to light — bye-bye dull complexion, hello fresh skin!

Hydra not in your budget? A complexion with star appeal can be obtained with the right facial cleansing method. In order for the skin to absorb products properly, skin must be cleansed as thoroughly and gently as possible to be freed from all impurities. However, many women forget about removing make-up before going to bed. This is a mistake that you simply cannot afford, because night time is when all regeneration processes occur. If make- up clogs the pores, skin cannot breathe properly and the regeneration process is disturbed, provoking impurities and irrita- tions. Even those who do not use make-up shouldn’t skip cleansing, since environmental pollutants and dirt also must be removed regularly.

After winter, skin often appears tired and pale. Our skin cells are constantly renewing themselves — it takes just under a month for the top layer to shed and regenerate, but we can speed up this process with peels that help remove dead skin cells. In addition, peels can protect the skin from impurities and immediately give it new freshness. By roughening the uppermost skin layer, skin becomes more receptive to care products and their ingredients can have a deeper effect. Blood circulation is stimulated and skin can radiate again.

The right products are everything when it comes to skin. Using a toner every morning and night yields refreshing and clarifying results. Depending on your skin type, toner can soothe or re ne the skin, support regeneration and promote the active ingredient penetration of subsequent products. Additionally, BB, CC or DD creams are good alternatives to full-on makeup coverage, allowing for a perkier complexion. Using a highlighter or blush can also de ne your cheeks and give them a rosy glow. As for the body, a little faux tan never goes amiss during the winter/spring transition! Where teeth are concerned — too much red wine over the holiday season can seriously affect your smile. Use a whitening toothpaste twice daily to combat stains and imperfections.

Sometimes there are situations where normal facial care is simply not enough — from time to time, our skin also experiences crises and is prone to redness, dryness, shine or blemishes. Face masks are the savior in these situations! They have a different composition than creams and form a delicate film on the skin, under which forms moisture and heat accumulation to promote blood circulation, open the pores and allow product to deeply penetrate the skin. Depending on your skin condition and needs, facial masks are usually used one to two times a week. The same goes for hair — a deep conditioning mask and using shine products make lackluster locks a thing of the past!